If Your Not A Libertarian Gtfo

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    There i said it. This country is in the shitter and its getting worse and worse.

    The general public is now supports giving away constitutional rites for security. The general public wants to be lazy socialists who dont work. But they think they have the rite to tell others how to live their life.

    We have ths highest prison population in the world. And all of it is because the fucking voters wanted it that way. 90% of people in prison are in prison for crimes the american people voted into law.

    Osama binladen told us to our fucking face that an american will die for innocent killed in the middle east.

    America fucking knows that 911 was our own fault.

    We blame the government.
    We blame the the corperations.

    But the real problem is all you fat lazy war mongering nazi socialists who dont actually give a fuck what the consequences of your choices are.

    You want your mountain dew and video games and your willing to sacrifice others to maintain your lifestyle.

    But the worst part is in your desire to fuck everyone else over for personal gain; your really being the one fucked over because as youve fucking known all along; the people your voting for dont give a flying rats ass about you.

    Neither democrats nor republicans actually care about the poor or the fact they are murdering thousands of people every year. Neither democrats nor republicans care about the.constitution.or even america.at all.

    So in short if your a democrat or republican (neocon nazi socialist) please leave my country for you are a traitor and dont deserve to live here. There are plenty of socialist.dicatorships that have all the tyranny you want.

    GTFO. Please. Before the next election. I dont want to see my country destroyed
    If you're talking to your fellow members, please refrain from the derogatory comments such as "fat lazy war mongering nazi socialists" and telling them to leave your country because they are traitors. *RMJL
  2. nearly everyone wants limited govt
    who draws the lines
  3. If you believe in your positions then it's your job to educate people. Telling them not to vote or to GTFO is just asinine and does nothing more than hurt the cause you're promoting because people get negative feelings about the movement based on how people like you act. If you truly believe in your cause then you have to be realistic and understand that things take time. How long have people been calling for marijuana legalization? Since the mid 70s? It took them about 40 years and we aren't even uniform on it, we're really just starting. So imagine something so cut and dry as marijuana taking 40 years, then understand that for most people our government situation is extremely complicated, and there are a lot of answers and a lot of propaganda, then tell me why you think it's going to happen so suddenly?
    Educate don't be irate.
  4. LOL @ the spelling errors.
  5. No. Nearly everyone favors big government. Thats why they keep voting for neocons.

    If nearly everyone favored limited government we wouldnt be in this mess.

    Since 911 big government has been seen as nessesary by the majority
  6. Sorry android keyboard suck. Toom me like 30 mins just to make it that good
  7. yeah thats true outside of grasscity
  8. Is that really ron pauls woman?
  9. Yea. People who smoke pot are more likely to support freedom and small government.

    But there are still a lot of necons on this forum. Thay sickens me. Who someone can be open to all this and still support the status quoa
  10. I don't care what your political beliefs are as long as you reject violence as a means to enforce your beliefs.
  11. Yes... yes it is

  12. Thats kinda contradictory.

    If your a democrat or republican you support violence theft and.coercion.

    So you do care what their political.views are if you care what they believe
  13. Yes... yes it is

    Damn. o_O
  14. I voted for Gary Johnson!!
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  16. It will be a long time before America embraces freedom again, if it ever happens.
  17. I wouldn't say its contradictory just that I am saying the same thing you are saying in a more diplomatic way.  ;)
  18. Nope, but this is:

    Someone wrote gullible on the.ceiling

    I looked
  19. I wouldn't say its contradictory just that I am saying the same thing you are saying in a more diplomatic way. ;)
    </blockquote> tutchet
  20. Your sig a year ago asked people to judge you for for being an unemployed video gamer. Now you make a post lumping unemployed lazy video gamers as part of the problem. I guess a lot has changed in your life...

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