If your mom walked in on you....

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. smoking weed, and asked if she could take a hit, what would you say?

    I personally would let her, and wouldn't be scared, because she knows I toke.
  2. i would think its a little weird to puff with my mom, as much as she has expressed her hatred for it.. i would be in complete shock.
  3. I believe NOFX said it best, "Doin drugs with parents is just wrong."
  4. I feel like I would have to say yes. I think it would be really uncomfortable at first but when we were blazed it might be ok.
  5. Hell yeah I would...she only ever smokes anymore if my brother or I offer it to her, but she'd be down.
  6. I would say go ahead because she's smoked since before I was born.
  7. I would definitely let her take a rip from my bong.

    Of course, marijuana "ruined" her brother's life. He got into other harder shit, moved out of the house, ended up in some big city and got charged with conspiracy to murder a federal agent.

    My mom has no care for marijuana. It's a weed to her.
  8. ugh no way man, that'd be akward....same thing idk if i'd smoke with my future till they were well into their 20's. i'd feel irresponsable.
  9. This happens to me pretty often.
  10. well my moms dead so I'm gonna use my dad instead. My dad's been smoking pot for like 45 years so I have no problem smoking with him but I really only let him take a few hits from my bong then I leave cuz I've smoked with him before and its awkward.
  11. I totally would. My parrents are straight laced all the way, and to see them toking up would make my day... It would be great.
  12. id say "its bout goddamn time!"

    she neeeeeeeeds to relax.
  13. I would never ever do it.

    Could you imagine all the fucked up conversations you would have. I hate to even get stoned with my brothers its just too fucking weird. Drugs are for friends.
  14. Well, I don't personally think Marijuana is a drug.

    My mom has severe anxiety/asthma, so I highly doubt she would ever attempt to smoke pot with me regardless of edibles available.

    My dad's just... Dad. Simple as that.
  15. I have a feeling that would just be incredibly awkward.
    Good thing that would never happen to me though.
  16. one time me my friend we will call him x and my mom started drinking sake and we finished the bottle and I was like I got some jager in my room want me to break it out so we killed the bottle and went to amy aunts house were we proceeded to drink vodka well I was drunk as fuck and was like I need some weed mom let me drive your car to pick it up so at 3 in the morning I hop in the mercadeez drunk as fuck with my friend john and pick it up drive back and blazed two joints with my mom and anunt it was one crazy ass night
  17. I'd tell her ya if she had some money or wanted to match lol
  18. I would say, "I've been waiting 10 years for this moment. Let's do this shit. I'll make the pizza."

    Oh man, it'd be fucking epic as shit if my mom wanted to smoke out with me.
  19. Id tell her she can help pay for the bud, And can get high everyday!
  20. Although my mom completely supports my lifestyle, and probably would give 2 shits if she walked in on me, I would still find it awkward if she did.

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