If your high, tell me what your doin'?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jdawg420, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. If your high like i am, you must be doing something random and or stupid.

    Im listening to some hardcore while playing the air guitar!:laughing:
  2. Talking to my girl and jamming to some Bloodsimple.
  3. I'm reading stuff of Erowid and eating a double cheeseburger w/ BBQ sauce, onions, ketchup, etc. :D

    Listening to Trenchtown Rock
  4. i'm fucking the shit out of my girlfriend wile listening to adtr
  5. studying for a physics exam
  6. Eating Triscuits
    Watching UFC
    Gunna go smoke another L
    Then figure out how I'm gunna get a new car
  7. The Chargers and Raider Game is so Intence
    and Im try to count how many hairs i have on my head :]
  8. Watching the Chargers/Raiders game, and I just threw a pizza in the oven.
  9. Damn PAToke come pick me up, this game is getting good, but i shall go sleep in a bit
  10. watching monday night raw bay bay
  11. I'm drinkin a beer and watchin this death machines shit on discovery.
  12. :smoke: Tokin more and listening to reggae/ska some punk...and drinking coffee late at night..hello insomnia. Nah but it's all chill, i'm having a good time
  13. going to smoke some bowls and get munchies at local gas station. ate a firecracker earlier and i am still ripped

    good vibes [​IMG]
  14. freestyling with my boys and watching some entourage...what a sick life
  15. Listening to Pink Floyd's Goodbye Blue Sky.
    I love life.
  16. reading this thread, listing to Band of Horses, then going to bed.
  17. Listening to a new Return of the DJs album i downloaded.
    Watching Real Chance of love 2
    and eatting donuts. make that maxing donuts.
    smokin' on sum Mr. Nice guy in my pipe.

  18. Gotta love some Pink Floyd while your high!!!!!

    Oh i went to a pink floyd laser light show high, it was a fuckin trip for me!
  19. me too, twice.:D
  20. Fuck yes, the laser show is so awesome. Still got my ticket stub from years ago back when I was a freshman in high school.

    Listening to Rage Against The Machine; Wake Up. Might do a few lines and drink a few beers while surfing the net/TV for some cool shit to watch. Guitar, reading, writing, and maybe sleep. Insomnia sucks, although this white won't help it either ;)

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