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If your high and you smoke more do you get any higher?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blazin4u01, May 9, 2013.

  1. I only go back to the high I was when I stopped. Like if I'm high like relaxed chill and stop no mater how much I smoke after that I don't get any higher. If I smoke until I get lost in my own house and stop ever time I smoke after that I reach that high and don't get higher. I use to drink and recently just quit because I like the high feeling a lot more then the puking feeling. I was always doing them at the same time before so I might have just been so drunk I never noticed before. I was just wondering is it me or does that happen?

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  2. alcohol over powers your high...
    just smoke and get high, smoke more and get higher
  3. What kind of question is this? Lol obviously if you smoke more, you get higher. Learn how to science.
  4. That's what I'm asking when I smoke more I don't get higher. Only to the highest point I was at when I got my first high of the day. After that I usually smoke again when I start to come down but I don't get any higher no matter how much I smoke. Just wondering does this happen to anyone else.

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  5. No, learn how to logic
  6. Not looking for an argument in here just actually would like to know, If there are other people this happens too?

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  7. same prob with me dude! it sucks. I think it's my tolerance though im on a tb right now. try one they really help trust me
  8. #8 blazin4u01, May 9, 2013
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    Yea just stopped for a week and smoked with someone passing through but couldn't test to see if that was still happening because I got baked. Not smoking again until the weekend then I will test with my regular stuff

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  9. you only get super high once a day. the first session you have will get you higher than any other equal sized session you have that day - you hit a tolerance wall, but you can overcome that by continuing to smoke indulgent amounts of herb! =]
  10. alcohol and cannabis are not even in the same category of drugs, can't compare them

    you get higher the more you smoke except in rare cases OP i know whatchu mean
  11. Thanks for the replies because I was thinking I was just trippin like that police brownie 911 call lol

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  12. haha thanks for reminding me. check it out if you aren't familiar with this story [ame=]Cop Eats Pot Brownies, Calls 911 - YouTube[/ame]
  13. fucking love that video
    "i think we're dead, i really do"
  14. same problem actually. I find its very rare that I can surpass my initial peak on the same day, no matter how much I smoke. At best I can get back up there. I haven't experimented with extremely large amounts of weed since I don't have much money and can't' afford to, so I don't know if it would be possible with more bud.

    I find I have to wait to come down all the way before I can hope to get higher than I was on the last high. I read somewhere that your canabanoid receptors temporarily shut off after a certain threshold, so maybe thats why.
  15. Cool now I know it's not just me. Lol yea I thought I was going to be a weekend smoker only and I don't do anything during the week.

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  16. thats like asking

    "if i eat more mcdonalds will i get fatter"
  17. Some people can eat at McDonalds every day and not gain weight.
  18. That's weird as Fuck!
  19. What?

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  20. Most of the time yes you will get higher.

    as ppl have said if you have a high tolerance and don't have strong weed then you may plateau after a while.

    One time I smoked so much that I didn't want to smoke anymore because I wasn't getting really high it was just hurting my throat.

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