if your gunna roll up on someone do it right!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smoken Souljah, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. well... no longer than 15 minutes ago i expierenced my first robbing attempt.... i say attempt cuz wow... these kids musta thought i was born yesterday! if your gunna try and jack someone... please do it smartly....

    these 2 fucktards tried to roll up on me, came runnin out from behind a building wearing black hoodies and bandara's over their faces waving knives... fucking retards ran up to my car door and tried to open it... hah... silly bastards... i never leave my car unlocked cuz shit like that might happen! hah... so i turn on my car asap and fucking without any reguard to their safety just fucking back up and speed off asap... lil bitches jumped awy from my car and fucking ran away into the woods... :wave: :smoking: :hello:

    boo yah! thats what u get for being a dumbass.... just thought id share my story! toke on!:smoking:
  2. Rofl, nice story mate good to know you´re ok .. :wave:
  3. damn dude that's pretty nuts. you should have backed over one of there punk asses.
  4. haha... we were outside a papa ginos... so i thought it prudent to just get out of there with my weed instead of stopping to think and try to hurt them....... retribution will come to dicks like that...... im not big on violence.. but im sure they'll try that again and they'll run into someone who'll stomp their asses :devious:
  5. I woulda tryed to run their asses over but glad everything turned out okay
  6. dumbass kids. well, you showed them!
  7. damn right! rule number 1 if your gunna jack someone.... *MAKE SURE YOU DO IT IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU CAN SEE AND TOUCH THE MARIJUANA BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO JACK IT!* that is if i was gunna be a little bitch and rob someone :confused: have no worries tho, thats not my style :p :wave: !

    came home, went to 7/11, got a slurpie, came home and ripped some bowls in their honor!
  8. haha funny, you shoulda just started yelling and they probably woula even left
  9. when i start my truck the doors lock automatically :D

    haha man those dudes were stupid as hell
  10. yeah my car also locks when i put it into drive. i would love to run over some punkass...
  11. wow that has to be one of the stupidest things ive ever heard.
  12. yah looking bad i was like, it woulda been funny to flip them the finger and then slam on my horn non-stop... they woulda scatted after like 10 seconds
  13. haha fucktard. my neighbor uses that one.
  14. atleast they didnt attempt to rob you bare fisted...that right there is a insult and they would deserve to get their head cracked!
  15. u shoulda chased em. then parked your car on top of them (not like squish them but make it so they cant get up. then kicked them and stole all their clothes.
  16. lol, where in mass are you that mofos are running up on you trying to jack you?

    not that that really surprises me ;)

    but still lol
  17. and this is why i carry a concealed firearm...let those punks see the chrome then watch em run
  18. I would of tried to run them over, better luck next time :p
  19. the location is really a place where it shouldn't have happened... haha... but i found out who did it, and it turns out its just this stupid dumbass wigger kid whos " on the run from the cops" suppousdly... but he sure is staying in state if the cops are looking for him... haha. yah and that kids friend i guess? i don't really know them... i just met them @ a party not that long ago and.. "helped" them out. i dunno how to get a hold of them or where to find them unfortunetly.... but should i ever run into them again..... :rolleyes: :p it should be something like this....

    "hey man... i dont think you've met my fist before"...

    and thats where words will cease to really mean anything! (p.s. this kid is a total wigger, and i really think he's just a pussy... so alls good!!!)
  20. Exactly.

    I'll reach under the seat, Flash them something and watch em scatter.

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