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  1. swim personally recommends that you don't get the "exta discreet" shipping or what ever it is called. Don't have it put in a wallet or something like that.
    Swim has ordered once from attitude and received the order with no problems. regular (cheapest) shipping) swim has read a few different peoples testimonies who have had trouble with customs and gotten or almost gotten their seeds confiscated. 
    swims 'theory' is that the wallet or whatever you get them shipped it just sticks out more. Also it provides more space for drugs to be potentially hidden, so there is that. 
    just swims 2 cents.

  2. Do you still get guaranteed delivery if you don't go with the stealth option?
    If not then it might be better to order the stealth option if you are in a country where seeds are illegal.
  3. Have ordered from the "TUDE" half a dozen times in the past couple yrs. First time, I spent the money on the "stealth option", every time since then I have used the cheap shiping and have had NO NONE ZILCH NADA problems
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