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if your girl told you she wanted to be a stripper

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by soostooned, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. what would you do? and why.
  2. Id get free strip dances. why? Coz they are free
  3. I would not be happy at all.
  4. Invest in her tit job and in return get 20% of her salary.
  5. but seriously though. i know guys who actually are okay with it and really would marry a stripper.
  6. strippers definitely get off to some degree on giving attractive guys lap dances

  7. i'd start banging other girls

  8. This man has a head for business :D
  9. It's not like she's fucking the guys and the money is damn good,so I'd support my girl if she wanted strip.Plus by the end of her shift she's probably horny as fuck,so I'd be gettin some bomb ass pussy,yo!

  10. Maybe you haven't had a private dance but in my experience. YES, yes they do fuck the guys on occasion.
  11. some do, but definitely not all. i'm not a stripper fyi, i just know a few of them.
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    Okay,let me rephrase then.

    If a guy gives her a shit load of loot,then she can give him a private dance and fuck him.

    Because YOLO!

  13. And the problem with dating a stripper is, most of the dancers who do fuck around for cash didn't start that way. They started just dancing, then as they are around and see more and more fucked up shit they kinda get drawn into that lifestyle. Most dancers either have a plan and they make money or find a man and get out, or they get sucked into the lifestyle, drinking, drugs, getting into fucked up shit. Obviously I'm sure there are some strippers out there who dance for years, and are still completely 'normal' and have a 'normal' family life. Its just the ones that I've met usually aren't that way.

    That being said, I would date a girl who started to strip but I would know that the relationship would most likely get ruined because of it.

    And also, IMO there is a difference between dating a girl and then watching her become a stripper and get into that lifestyle, than meeting a girl and finding out she's a stripper but still deciding to date her.
  14. I wouldn't mind at all. Shit, that means she can give me an expert lap dance when she gets home.
  15. Yes, because after a long day of dancing on dirty men's laps and objectifying herself, the first thing she wants to do upon getting home is the aforesaid. (Not implying you are dirty though Rollin haha)
  16. most definitely not support it

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