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If your GF started to toke...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LeananSidhe, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. would you feel about it? Happy?

    I'm really curious, since I'm worried I'm freaking mine out by getting interested in it! I also retain information like a sponge, so I've started quoting facts I've read and he gets totally bug eyed when I do. XD
    He smokes too, so if he reads this post... Haaaaai! n_n
  2. If he blazes as well there's no reason he should have a problem with you toking. Having a GF who tokes is a serious plus in my opinion.
  3. It's fun just do it if u want. My gf doesn't like the feeling so I don't make her smoke but every now and then she will take a hit
  4. Most of the dudes here seem to be one extreme or the other when it comes to the "stoner GF". They either feel threatened (or perhaps greedy), or they are busily looking for one!

    And since you are a "sponge", click that first link in my sig and drink in the info, hon! He might not get upset if the facts you are quoting are about cannabis! lol Cannabis is a LOT more than "just" a way to get high!

    (And you would fit right in with MY family- the chatter around here lately involves subduction plates, medical studies, Space X, video games, economics, and the upcoming eclipse!)

  5. Granny, it's funny you mentioned it! I've downloaded the giant version of your list and have been reading it for a few days on my phone! I've even shown your list to my dad, who's managed to change his mind about it too (he used to smoke/grow but quit after he thought he was losing his memory)! Thank you for that! :D
    Oh wow, your family seems amazing! What conversation topics!

    Thanks for the answers guys! Does anyone have a significant other who does smoke cannabis?
  6. my gf smokes every day with me and its great.
  7. I love being with a girl who tokes. The only girl that didn't toke got me using unmentionables which was horrible.

    So stoner girls for me :)
  8. I never pushed my girlfriend into it, she preferred to drink. She knows I smoke, and would kick it with me/us while i'd be having sessions with my friends. best girlfriend ever. one day though she said she wanted to try it, and I asked her why now opposed to before? her response was mainly about how she felt self conscious when she coughed after a hit because how most of my friends and I cough very little. that made me extremely happy because there are many solutions to that. i let her try my bong, giving her only small snaps. after about 5 micro hits with little to no coughing, she said she couldn't feel it so I advised her to wait a few minutes. 10 minutes later, she asked me if weed makes you super horny. :D
  9. I love how chill stoner chicks are it's awesome. Guys who can't appreciate them are not true chill stoners. :p
  10. Same;; Me and my girlfriend smoke all day together if we have nothing to do and sometimes it makes things funner. Hell sometimes it gives us inspiration to clean!
    She even smokes more than I do alot of days when I go to work and stuff.
    I don't see how someone who smokes would care if their SO smoked?
  11. My girlfriend just started smoking.. i was a little on edge about it at first. But now its cool and it doesnt bother me at all. Everyone gets along better high
  12. Why did it set you on edge at the beginning?
  13. Because i was never into girls that smoked but now that marijuana is such a big part of my life, i dont care as much. And its hard to trust a stoner chick haha.. atleast for me that is.
  14. I'd be very happy, toking with your gf is the best.
  15. I would be over thrilled, sadly she will never get into smoking though. :eek:
  16. I wouldn't mind at all, being with my girlfriend whilst high together used to be fun. But back then I only smoked every now and then, more of a habit these days.
  17. My fiance and I smoke. I think it is a great way for us to relax together. I hope all goes well for you and your SO.

  18. Why? What does smoking weed have to do with trust?

  19. Absolutely nothing, a person is (very roughly) defined by their personality and disposition, not hobbies.
  20. Honestly, my girlfriend (now Fiance as of St. Patty's day) tokes occasionally. While we were first dating we would occasionally toke together and I found it to be just awkward. I don't know...Just smoking around my girlfriend seemed weird to me. We smoked a week ago together and it was a lot better, but I still don't know how I'd feel about it being a regular thing. My .2 cents.

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