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If your eyes remain red after you put visine in your eyes i have the answer!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlizzInformer, May 28, 2010.

  1. So i went back onto my community college campus and i put some blue rohtos in on my way back to class and my friend quickly pulled me aside to tell me fiercly that my eyes were devils dick red. So i proceeded to go to the bathroom and drown my eyes with more eyedrops. I was completely baffled and bewildered as to why my eyes remained literally devil dick red. :eek: So i was browsing the forums and i happen to come across the word hydration. what had i done the night before? Smoked a blunt and had a pepsi. No water between then and class. :smoke: Hydration my friends is the key to red eyes. If you drink half a water bottle before you blaze and half after if your like me, your eyes wont get red!
  2. Genius..
    Cut, Print.
  3. bro your eyes will turn more red than they were after you put any drops in you just have to wait 5 to 10 min for them to work
  4. This.

    I remember walking out of a bathroom stall after I put Rhotos in for the first time. All I said was "Holy shit," and turned back around to sit in the stall for a little longer. Five minutes later it was like my eyes had taken a bath. Now I don't even need eye drops, :D.
  5. I learnt this. I figured my eyes had grown a tolerance as to daily use. I didnt drown my eyes but i put like 4 more drops in :D
  6. Also, if you use eye drops often it can cause your eyes to get red instead of clearing that up.
    So be careful and don't over use it.
  7. well as long as it makes contact with your eyes it will do its magic. I used to do that when I first started using it then realized all I need is 1 drop in each. :wave:
  8. They turned red because you drowned them. Just put two drops in each eye, and it'll be gone in five minutes. The water thing is true though, stay hydrated and your red eyes will be minimal if no smoke gets in your eyes. I smoke every night, and when I wake up my eyes are red so I just cure it with a few cups of water. I walked into class today and my friend was like "The fuck did you do today, hahaa" and After some water I was straight.
  9. I'm pretty sure that hydration helps with the glazyness that comes along with weed, not the redness.
  10. i had really bad red eyes after smoking a few bowls from my pipe and my mom called and told me she was coming home early from work so i needed fast red eye relief.

    I took a warm wash cloth and held it against each eye for a few seconds and they were MUCH better :D
  11. Im not scientist or anything but through personal experience staying hydrated does seem to keep my eyes whiter, even without drops.
  12. interesting ill try it....
  13. i wouldnt doubt the hydration thing i never use eyedrops and my eyes only sometimes get red late at night

  14. haha ya they make your eyes redder, than wayyy whiter.
  15. or.. visine just isn't for some people. i once had some walmart-borrowed visine advanced relief and it made my eyes redder!

    personally for me, Clear Eyes works well even when the bottle was past expiration date
    if anything, rohtos is for sure the best product, but some people are pussies about the effect.
    nowadays, tolerance causes my eyes to just have minimal redness so i just avoid eyedrops altogether because excessive use of eyedrops definitely makes your eyes more prone to redness

    at the end of the day guys, red eyes is not a giveaway that your high. as long as you know how to act straight while high then you can make up a world of excuses. for me, i usually just blame the fact that i wear contacts

  16. Same here, I blaze at work constantly and my eyes have never gotten red...

    they only get red when I blaze and stare at my computer/tv for a while late at night. :smoking:

    water is good for you! drink more of it!
  17. This is definitely what i am experiencing lmao!!

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  18. You wrote this like a story, very descriptive I like it

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