If Your Bong Has An Ice Pinch

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  1. That means you're supposed to use crushed ice in it. My boy told me this the other day and it was one of the best bowls I'd ever smoked  :smoke: it doesn't get too cold and burn your throat and it cools it really even and perfect. Just don't clear it too hard if you fill the shit out of your bong with ice cus you might get some in your mouth xD  :bongin:

  2. you can use either crushed or cubes, i am sure those pinches were not just mean for crushed ice, i have seen many that the pinches were to small to catch anything but a cube..
    however i am sure it would be cooled better with crushed ice ;)
  3. If anything you could always use a couple of anchor cubes and crushed ice over it, but usually the ice will just bundle together and fill the holes 
  4. You can use either...
    obviously you could lol I'm just saying everyone should try out crushed ice cus it hits sooo much better  :smoking:
  6. I actually prefer warm water in my pieces. Its better for extraction of the THC/CBD... but I've enjoyed the occassional chilled hit. Even with preference, its typically room temp, just because I don't feel like dicking around with all the stuff. Vape and go!

    But, with the cylinder circular pinch, I could see how crushed ice would work real well. That bottom layer is going to melt together, holding everything above it, in. Might even last longer/better, because it will form one big mass, eventually. :bongin:
  7. This is nothing new..ive always crushed my ice.the smoke goes through it coolin down more then regular ice.
  8. the more ice the more surface area so crushed is gonna cool it down more BUT...as it melts it's going to clog a lil more so be careful.  I'm speaking from a novice pov I just got my first piece with an ice catch in it but my knowledge is solid. :smoke:
  9. ill use whatever ice i want

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