If your a male think twice about helping a lost child

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    Exclusive: Teen Arrested for Kidnapping Tot: 'Just Trying to Help' - ABC News

    Since the media started with the pedophilia fear-mongering every soccer mom sees a pedophile behind every tree. I was going to post more cases like this but I'm lazy and this case is a perfect demonstration of the concept. At least in this story the mother was sane. But we live in a society where everyone is suspicious about everyone else.
  2. This is unfortunate. Coming from a big family I've spent a bit of time with baby nieces, cousins, etc.

    Babies are most often always cute, but now I feel like a creep if I smile at one out in public.

  3. Lol! Yes that happened to me the other day a 2-3 year old kept smiling at me in line at the supermarket so I started to make funny faces and the kid started to laugh, when I smiled back the mother looked around and saw me, gave me a nasty look and went to another line. I was like wtf and felt pretty embarrassed... Then angry, just because I'm a male I'm all of a sudden a suspect?
  4. yeah the system is sexist when it comes to children. You ca be a deadbeat mom nd never pay child support and nothing will ever happen to you, on the other hand if you are a man and you don't pay child support.... you go to jail.

    Earlier this year two young teenage girls came upon a group of children playing in the street when one of them nearly got hit by a car. The mother of the children was nowhere to be found so they took the kids, gave them baths changed the young ones diapers, fed them and waited to see if the mother showed up; when she didn't they called the police.

    Hearing about the story made me think of how responsible and compassionate it was of these girls to take it upon themselves to protect and care for these children gave me a sense of admiration for their actions. The community hailed them as heroes, news interviews, the whole 9.

    Now what these two young girls did was FAR more involved than what this kid did.

  5. Man imagine if they had been male? They'd be going to prison! I'm glad they helped though.
  6. Even though I have kids I make it a mission to stay as far away from other peoples children. Nor do I ever go to PTA meetings or school activities. I never have the kids friends stay over our home neither.
  7. "In 2006, 12.9 million families in the US were headed by a single parent, 80% of which were headed by a female"

    I remember reading that in some areas/ demographics its over 90 percent female lead.

    "The prevalence of single mothers as primary caregiver goes into traditional parenting trends we see between mothers and fathers. In her work Marriages & Families Benokraitis defines mothers as being generally viewed as the expressive role players who provide emotional support and nurturing qualities that sustain the family unit. Because of these nurturing aspects of a mother's role as caregiver, they outshine those of the father which tend to be more strict and distant. She goes on to express that one of a woman's expressive roles is that of kinkeeper which is defined as an important communication link among family members. Because of these nurturing aspects of a mother's role as caregiver, they outshine those of the father which tend to be more strict and distant. Children tend to drift towards preference of parent depending on how involved a particular parent is and a common problem in society today are absentee fathers; therefore, children are more likely to show preference for their mothers as they are more involved than the fathers who are not as involved in the daily activities of their offspring.[23]"


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