If you won the Lottery, what would you do with the money?

Discussion in 'General' started by Budder81, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Say you won a 100 mil from the Lottery, what would you spend it on? Would you get the lump sum or annual payments (I think its 26 payments).
  2. me personally id want it all at once..id buy a few houses around the world like canada, amsterdam, souther cali, nor cal and get a few ferraris and lambos then all sorts or exotic cars, id have my own glass blowing room with a kiln n shit and then have multiple grow rooms, and of course a life time supply of marijuana handy at my sticky fingertips!
  3. you'd get more on annual payments but i think i would take it all and buy houses and such like the person above said, then go buy some weed of course =D
  4. Def pay off school debts :)...nice cars, houses, I'd get huge rolling papers made especially for me because with all that money you could afford to roll big half Oz joints/blunts everyday haha. Donate money, travel the world then just live regularly, but with no worries.
  5. Cash it all. Then dump it all into a swimming pool and swim in it.
  6. I'd buy my other half a matched pair of Purdeys, take my lad to the Miyazaki museum in Tokyo and donate a chunk towards keeping his old school master in his dotage who has a degenerative brain disease. Chuck the rest of the dough in Switzerland, then when I croak the dosh would be in a managed trust fund so it would keep kiddo for the rest of his life. But then, these days a million quid doesn't stretch too far - can I have two million? Then while the old boy still has some of his marbles he can have twenty-something drop dead gorgeous girly nurses to attend to his every whim! lol
  7. If I won the Lotto, I'd buy pounds of Bud,
    Give it to my homies to show I got love,
    Dirtbikes and buggies and four wheel drives,
    I own my own jet, ah yo, I'm world wide,
    First class fast, take a trip over seas,
    Me, my girl Ami makin' love on the beach,
    I just bought a yacht, I just won the Lottery,
    Never ending buds in my cultivation,
    So I can smoke out the world in the hempalation,
    Give some money to my pops, buy my mom a new house,
    Or anything she wants, no rush just pick it out,
    Don't worry about the ends plenty bread to be broke,
    I'll open a skate shop and sell bags of dope,
    Blow custom glass so I smoke days of hits,
    I build a greenhouse where my hydro sit,
    No questions planes trains just to keep you guessin',
    The lottery, L-O-T-T-E-R-Y,
    Money signs, green backs, honey blunts and fat sacks,
    Everything I want and everything I need,
    A different house for each day of the week,
    A private lake so I could jet ski
  8. :eek:

    Oooooh - a hundred mill - that changes a lot.

    As well as all that other stuff I'd pay off all those irritating wankers on daytime TV and fill the gaps with tons of classic films like Dr Strangelove and re-runs of Jacques Cousteau, Survival and Skippy the bush kangaroo!!!!!
  9. a few elbows of headies and a Roor for each of my good friends..uh..a nice car..drop out of college but remain living here just partying everynight. I'd buy a triple kegerator and have three different kegs on tap at all times and I'd never let one go dry. I'd stock our cabinet with the best liquors. Just live the good life, no classes of early job...wake up at noon, chief a fat blunt of assorted strains, have a dank ass breakfast, chill allll day. Party and drink all night with friends, with huge sessions mixed in. That's what I would do day in and day out.
  10. A hundred mil? Wow. I'd hide for a while, first. Everyone and his brother would be wanting money from me. Besides that, I would keep all my techno toys up to date, awesome computers, private movie theatre, all kinds of movies and games and shit. I would build some kind of underground house somewhere to put all this in. During the summer I would travel through Europe and take lots of pictures of all those nice little towns and old ruins and stuff. I'd pay for my brother's school, buy my parents houses, then set up some kinda trust fund and be set for life.
  11. I would buy like a HUUUUUGGE house in either cali or canada or on the beach or something and I would have like an entirely secret basement area like a room either half or the full size of a basketball court and I would grow all my weed down there and I would have every piece imaginable and would have like instead of a butler, a glassblower to get me a few new pieces a day :) It would be the life!
  12. I'd pay off my 2 closest friends homes, cars, school loans. Give my parents a few hundred thousand. Then i'd buy be a couple nice cars, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 comes to mind....

    Invest heavily and make even more than 100M.
  13. That is a great idea; buy a TV station!

    You could never, ever spend 100m, not unless you were super frivolous; I certainly wouldn't spend anywhere near that. I'm not ameaterialistci person, and I see no point in paying 200k for a car for example, when it cannot do anything a 30k car can't do. I wouldn't be wasteful. I wouldn't start buying Gucci suits, jus because I could; flashiness does not impress me, I find it vulgar.

    I'd set up a charity foundation or two, and plough a lot of money into that. I'd go on peace and aid missions to 3rd World Countries. I'd get involved in international politics. I'd fund cancer research.

    For myself, I'd buy a nice house in Southern France, pay off the debts of all those around me that deserved it, and blow a big raspberry at those that don't.

    I would allow myself champagne every day, though, and keep myself in good skunk.
  14. I'd buy each and every one of you a pound of the finest herb and one of the nicest glass bongs you've ever seen.

    Then I'd fly you all to Toronto and rent out the Skydom.
  15. You rule Rasta_Man.
    If I had 100 million dollars,I would put most of it in savings,and keep a million at a time.With that,I would invest in the largest grow-op I could master,and have plenty of herb without having to completely blow my money on dealer-bought herb.Before this,I would by myself a house somewhere in Oregon or in the mountains so I coulld keep the grow-op on the low pro.Then,I'd make sure my family were all well set for the rest of their lives,and really,that's all about what I would do if I had this much money.
  16. Stay in school an extra two or three years so I can take everything I want and not just focus on my major. Then get a phd and teach the rest of my life and not have to worry about money. Oh, and travel a lot.
  17. I would buy a nice house in Tokyo, not in the city, but in the mtns. around it. Build a car from the ground up, either a 96 nissan 300zx TT, or a 98 Toyota supra TT. I wouldnt really want a ferrari or anything like that. If I got the 300zx, I would find someone to help me drop a Skyline R32 motor in it, forge the pistons, custom sleeves, Titanium Valves, Performance poppits, Garret GT3037S turbos, Type S BOV, Veilside R1 bodykit, Rims, and a custom Paint job gun metal grey with black offsets in a tribal Design. Then I would just spend the rest of my days in a quiet manner.

  18. I'm there my friend!!! :D

    What would I do with that amount of money? God only knows...

    Most definately, my family and friends would be taken care of. I'd probably then write out a life list of things that I would like to have and or do and go from there. :p

  19. Best answer yet. You rule R_M.
  20. pay off all debts
    buy houses all over
    buy a huge rv
    travel with my gf and dogs (take the kids(teenagers) sometimes ;) )
    help out my family (not that they need it :rolleyes: )
    share with friends
    be a bum basically :hello:

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