If you weren't You, who would you be?

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  1. It could be any historical figure, musician, thinker, painter, inventor, pioneer, scientist, athlete, even a friend or a family member, etc. And why would you choose that person?

    Disclaimer: this question is of a hypothetical nature, hence, answers like "I love myself and wouldn't be nobody else" and "If I was another person, it wouldn't be me" need not be posted. Also, many, if not most, people are content with their body; this question aims to generate some thought and perhaps some self reflection but it does not want to question self esteem values, self image, etc.

    I got to sleep, but tomorrow, I'll follow up. :wave:
  2. I'd be whoever first smoked weed.
  3. I haven't known anyone well enough to compare myself to them.. but if it were anybody with beliefs similar to mine I'd be someone who was at one with himself and the world, enjoyed music, enjoys smoking daily for the mental boost. Jimi Hendrix possibly? Not sure.
  4. James Franco
  5. Chris sharma
  6. Shmit from new girl
  7. John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.
  8. Aleister crowley
  9. Ron Jeremy
  10. Charlie Sheen, that dude is living life.
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    Timothy Leary...hands down...and I indeed hope to continue his legacy in my life :cool:

    Or maybe I wassss Timothy Leary in another life, which doesn't work out if we assume a linear transmigration of the soul, since I was born during his lifetime, but since I don't believe souls transmigrate in this linear fashion, I'm sticking with Timothy Leary being another incarnation of me :)
  12. Hunter S. Thompson, it would be one helluva ride!
  13. Jimmy Page


    John Bonham

    Both these guys rocked, kicked ass, and took names. Then after that they partied.
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    King Solomon :D; not only is he the wisest man that ever lived, this mofo had 500 wives - that's a new pussy everyday for a year, with a good amount left over, not to mention he was a king lol... Yea, I would of liked to been King Solomon:smoke:.
  15. I'd more like to know who I've been ;)
  16. Honestly... Hmm..

    I love myself, and wouldn't be anybody else!

    But really, Right now's cool. It'd be cool to be someone like David Blaine and do crazy mind bending illusions... but I'd really have liked to have been a founding father of the united states, just to see how this country really started.

    I'm sure you do... deep down somewhere.
  17. I can't decide on a specific person. My shortlist is Brian Eno, Salvador Dali, or Edgar Froesse even though I don't know that much about them.

    The idea is more important though. Someone who works in a creative field, who is free to do drugs whenever they want (most specifically pot), and they get to be truly creative.
  18. I would like to be a travelling hippie in the 60's if i could choose who i'd be. The whole spiritual connecting and meeting people who feel the same way and then being in a country where people open their homes and help you be who you want to while on an adventure seems pretty nice to me.
  19. I'd like to be whoever the richest man in the world is. I'd just do very different shit.

    Sensible answer - Willie Nelson!

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