If you were to write a letter to Barack Obama...

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiffyDeezy, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. What would you say??and explain why...cuz i need help with my HOMEWORKKKKKKK lol
  2. That the American educational system needs to work better at motivating youngsters.
  3. Word, make it your title and have the rest of the page blank.
  4. "stop being a douche and legalize the weed, nucca!"

  5. Dear Obama,

    What's good *****?


    Peter [last name removed]
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    "Dear Mr Obama

    How does your ass feel from all the kisses ?"

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    "Get rid of corruptness in the PA game commision."

    Seriously. The state has had sharpshooter teams on my property.

    They keep down the deer population to drive up demand and price on tags..... WHICH IS SOO WRONG. They don't bother anyone around here. Nobody ever hits them. And alot of peope need that meat in the winter.

    Guees who gets to clean the deer up? :mad: They aren't "Sharpshooters" they are assholes. They gutshotted a FAWN 400 yards from my house and I had to go put it down so I could sleep.... Which was impossible after I just killed a baby.....

    Game commision is like the DEA. They are basicly un-checked. I've tried calling the cops and they can't/won't come out and remove the teams.

    Edit: Does anyone in any other states have this problem? You may not be hunters but in PA this shit happens alot in rural areas.
  8. More answers!!
  9. Fix Afgahnistan

    Fix the economy

    Fix social security

    Fix our health care system

    Fix our debt

    Fix immigration

    Fix the war on drugs by getting rid of it

    but here is the trick, don't increase the size of government while doing all that.
  10. What should the cover letter say?

  11. this is when you need to go outside with your Beretta .50 cal and have a hunting accident... or five
    "I feel terrible your honor... I just couldn't see those guys"
  12. Are you sending Barack Obama your resume or something?

    I don't understand what you mean by cover letter - unless you're trying to get a job at the white house there should be no cover letter.
  13. I'd strongly urge him to consider getting a Vietnamese pot bellied pig as a pet for the white house lawn. Call him Murray of course
  14. how does it feel to be their pawn as an illusion of hope and optimism
  15. what up ya bitch
  16. Smoke weed every day
  17. i'd tell him to untuck his shirt when he's playing basketball
  18. HAHA LOL That was pretty funny.
  19. That.
  20. Really only three things need to be said, in my opinion.

    1. Of course, legalize weed. The drug war is a neverending fight that is wasting too much money.

    2. Pull out of the middle east. We already force imperialism enough as it is.

    3. End the federal reserve and start backing money again. Our monetary system is so fucked up, there should be no more money created out of debt.

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