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If you were to roll up some bud with wax in a joint?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Gaccobee, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Would it get you significantly higher or would it be a waste of wax? Also how much does a quality dab setup go for? I'm new to this.
  2. Yeah you get fucking baked out of your mind.  As far as dabs go it really depends on your market, depending on where you are it could be $40 a gram or $80 a gram.  But yes the blunt or joint would burn slower and taste different with the dabs in it.  I'm a fairly experienced smoker and last weekend we ended the party with a fat ass dab blunt between 3 people and I was knocked out about 30 minutes after. Its a great time.
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    How much do they go for where you're at and do you need a lot it to get baked? Does it taste good or worse with the wax?
  4. Where I live now it would be pretty pricy, but I have a friend with a hookup so I get it for the low.  And no you do not need a lot to get baked, wax is powerful stuff.  I think it tastes better, if you like the taste of dabs then you'll like it.  Really though you just gotta try it.  I would recommend doing it at night because the first time I ever smoked a dab blunt I was so high I got a really heavy headache and eventually passed out.
  5. Anything over 80$/gram would be considered pricy then? I've never tried dabs thats why I ask. And I don't have a rig just yet to try it out of. Thanks for the tips !
  6. Its tough talking about the price because of how different each state is.  If you live in a place where weed is recreational or even medicinal you'll be able to find wax easier and cheaper.  If you live in a state where weed is still illegal, then not so much.
  7. True, I live in Canada, I've never seen anything other than bud around here yet so I'm assuming the price tag would be high
  8. Well in that case I will have absolutely zero knowledge on your market haha
  9. Haha thanks anyway man!
  10. You can get what ever cannabis product you want in BC. Not sure where you are Gaccobee.

    If you can't buy hash then make qwiso hash. It's easy to make and very discrete.
  11. I'm in Ontario. I'll look that up! Does it smell?
  12. There's very little smell, mostly the smell of the alcohol rather than weed. It has a light floral taste usually and goes well with bud in a bowl or joint.
  13. Thank you very much!

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