If you were to die tomorrow would you feel you lived life to its fullest?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuana Time, May 9, 2011.

  1. Would you have any regrets or have you lived the best you could?

    I'm only 19 but I would regret not going out in the world more. I love being outside but with television, computer, and video games It's more tempting to sit on my ass. I'm starting to get very motivated to make some stacks so I can live life how I see fit.
  2. No, I'd have a lot of regrets. But I would be happy that it's over.
  3. Suicide watch
  4. no i need to smoke more weed
  5. Hell no. I haven't even gone to college yet.
  6. ^ damn you should def go to college, you dont even have to enroll, just go there and chill out :cool:
  7. Probably not, I still have too much I want to do, and places to see.
    Dude if I could offer some friendly advice, put down the video games and turn off the TV every now and then, you will be much happier you did.
  8. I rarely play video games anymore or even watch tv. I used to be all about video games though
  9. If I knew I was going to die tomorrow I would be like, why do I have know that shit?!?! But anyway, I would be very sad to have to leave my two best friends (Golden Doodle dogs) in someone else's care. And saying goodby would be like... Hey - this is a fucked up thread! I'm going back to Netflix and escape. Fuck this shit.
  10. Death is something we all think about
  11. I'd finally find a reason to jack off til it snaps.

    I wanna die doing something I love...
  12. i've lived a great life so far, but i haven't lived life to it's fullest.
  13. Creeper Alert!! but Ive always felt like I was going to die young so I haven't really been to stressed about it. I would like to go on more vacations and see my little girl grow up but Im happy that Ive met the people that I have and seen the things that I have seen. I could go today and be alright with that.
  14. My only regret would be not living longer
  15. No sir, i would not be. I have not lived life as i should have. I have not treated my loved ones as i should have. I have not taken care of my body as i should have (not that bad, 6'1", 220, but still). I have not gone out and had as much fun as i should have.

    It's time to change all of that
  16. I would be pretty sad. I haven't lived life to the fullest. There's so many things I would've changed if I could go back in time.
  17. fuck no that would mean I had somewhere around 13 years of school to be prepared for a future that doesn't happen. Thats what depresses me a lot about seeing you people die they spend so much time preparing for a future only to die early....what a waste of time. But no I would defiantly feel incomplete I want to travel and see different cultures. The sad thing is I have never left the US, :( .
  18. I can't die tomorrow! I haven't done enough drugs, had enough sex, or traveled enough of the world. Oh yeah, I'd also like to go to college actually before I die.
  19. I have had my fuck ups but in the end, I did only what I thought was right. I may have fucked some people over, I may have fucked myself over, but at the end of the day it was my decision to do that I have done, am doing and what I will do. :smoke:

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