If you were to be executed .. . high or not?

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  1. Ok, so if you were imprisoned and were to be executed (kind of execution is up to you) but basically you're going to die and there's nothing you can do about it but wait it out. Ok, so basically fifteen minutes before your execution, a couple of the guards offer to smoke you out so you can handle the fear of death or whatever easier, would you want to die high or sober?

    Personally, I think I'd want to die sober . . . I don't know why. I know Huxley had LSD administered to him five minutes before he died in a very high dose. I wonder if his spirit experienced anything different once he left his body due to the drugs . . .
  2. i'd accept an offer of lsd marijuana and extacy...id go out feeling soo peaceful and if its was enough acid i'd die remembering the meaning of life.

    EDIT: i'd like to change my answer to heroin and mdma. i always told myself that i would do heroin everyday if it werent harmful. so here's my chance. kinda funny, but i still think i would sniff the hayro, cuz im afraid of needles.
  3. thats a pretty heavy question. i dont know? i just burned, took a lortab, and had two ice cold xx ambers. so im really baffled while high. i gotta read this question sober, to get more of a grip on it. the answer is probably in my post?
  4. id say die high. i have an uneasy feeling about death. i already know im going to die on my motorcycle.... and i just hope im high or drunk when i am so i can deal. auctually no not drunk. i dont ride drunk. period.
  5. I probably prefer some very intense spiritual drug, maybe LSD or a lot of shrooms.
  6. I'd ask for a little of everything.

  7. I would die high for sure, it would just be more peacefull somehow.
  8. HIGH, I would rather be HIGH for anything of this world to happen:D espcially death
  9. Personally, probley not. I don't fear death. It's a cycle of life, and I don't put things off that I really want to do, for this reason. If I were to die tommorow, I wouldn't be pissed, because theres nothing that needs to be accomplished. Live life as you were to die tommorow, and today will be a great day.

    But persay I wanted drugs, I'd ask to be administered a moderate dose of LSD, and then I'd ask to be administered an extremely high dose of heroin so that my respretory system would shut down, thus me dieing then, and not feeling a single thing, nor knowing I died. But as I stated before, I don't fear death.

  10. id snort 160mg of oxycontin and tell the man to do it to it. id be dead before they pushed the potassium chloride. :D
  11. I would have to toke it up son! JOE> DIE HIGH!:hello:
  12. Definately high....
  13. I would die high. To make my last moments happy ones
  14. i agree with the guy that would do XTC, cause if they gave me some pure MDMA i dont even think it would bring me down that they were going to kill my ass
  15. i liked AFD way of going
  16. I would not want to be high because I would need as much concentration as posible to grab the guards gun and break the hell out, or at least take as many mother fuckers down with me as possible.
  17. huh. Crazy question dude.

    If they offered up some Salvia... I might take that route. That way, I probably wouldn't even be in my physical body when it ceased to function. It might be a pretty smooth transition then... or maybe not. Who knows?

  18. weird to think, cuz then you wouldnt come down....your "mind" would just stay in the trip....maybe then your soul(if there is one) is permanently stuck in that trip cuz of it....
  19. i dunno man. as much as i love being high, i think i would decline the offer...i mean i want to experience death to the fullest...it's something you can only experience once! i would want to take it all in, and have nothing interfere with that feeling.
  20. id want a ton of pcp so i could be the hell out of whoever was gonna kill me while they are killing me and not feel a thing.

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