if you were the reincarnate of a collective of famous people, dead or alive......

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. if you were to recreate yourself (both image and persona) from splicing bit of famous people, who would you be made from?

    to show you what i mean, i\'ll start.

    i would be made from,
    appearance: a cross between jim carey, matt damon, orlando bloom, ric wakeman and jimmy hill. (oh, and the guy from the chemical brothers.)
    the other stuff: a li\'l bit off Ghandi, a li\'l bit off einstien, a li\'l bit off John Lennon, a li\'l bit off Salvador Dali, a li\'l bit off HR Geiger, a li\'l bit off Hunter S Thompson, a li\'l bit off Moses & Noah. & a chunk out of a weird bill hicks/billy conoly/denis leary hybrid.

    oh, and throw in a slice of Jack Nickols too for good measure. (i\'m thinking particularly his character in one flew over the cuckoo\'s nest.)


    see? have fun wit it. dont worry, it wont be marked on your report cards. hehe. :D

  2. or were you someone who didnt read either the title right nor the content.

    yeah i mean both.

    i mean all.

    and as many people you want to add to the collective until you come up with you. :D
  3. johnny depp.......for his looks and acting
    jimmy page........needs no explination...lol
    bob geldof..........for his opinions, and being a good father
    ed rosenthal........for his growing skills and opinions of fighting to free the weed..............Peace out..........Sid

  4. Good thread! LOL.....you\'ve made good choices, but the question is which bits from which people? I don\'t know if I\'d want Einstein\'s athletic skills or orlando bloom\'s intellect.. ;)
  5. If I could design the UberBuzz from historic figures...hmmmm....

    John Addams\' focus, intellect & leadership
    Cicero\'s political savvy & speaking skills
    Ben Franklin\'s ingenuity & self deprecation
    Ghandi\'s compassion
    James Brown\'s soul (sorry, he\'s still alive)
    Jesse Owen\'s athleticism..


    oh yeah....one more thing.......

    Johnny \'the wad\' Holmes\' 12\" unit!


  6. Wouldn\'t it be a waste to have the sexual prowess of Superman? You\'d kill every woman you\'d ever sleep with. Why not James Bond instead? He gets laid all the time and almost never kills anyone in the process :)

  7. Hempress, if John Holmes was alive & one of her majesty\'s secret agents, he\'d be 0012....then again you have a good point...if we could be some combination of fictional or comic-book hero as well any living or dead beings the combos could be pretty interesting...

    how about Superman\'s strength & speed,
    Einstein\'s brain,
    Bill Clinton\'s libido,
    James Bond\'s cool,
    and Bill Gate\'s money?

  8. Get outta here! Not that I\'m into Holmes trivia...however, I admired the body of his work ;)

  9. I\'d marry him.

  10. Back off biyotch, he\'s mine! ;)

  11. I think I know your secret...... Obliviot. :D
  12. I would most definitaley be J.R.R tolkien...genious..to be able to behold the creation of The lord of the rings through my fingers...:)

    n gm..dun freak out..just smoke a J, listen to some stoner music, repeat. *hugs*
  13. everyone has the right to do anything...dun mean its a good choice...something I learned to do that really does help is to meditate..might sound stupid, but It works..I got a big ol wordpad full of help n tips on zazen meditation, if ya want it pm me. Smoking, listening to some nice music, and just chillin out helps too :) oh n happy bday
  14. does it have to be a person?
    if so: Steven Hawking AND Einstein\'s intellect, The Flash\'s speed(assuming i can use comics) if not...that one Michael/Micheal Something (he was the fastest man in the world at one point) speed, Any dead guy who is a skeleton (it would be awesome to be a skeleton/zombie) for looks :D, and i would say a bunch of famous musicians for their musical talent (thats the condensed version lol)

    if not: a ferret (any one)...they are fuckin awesome...lol

  15. The IP address doesn\'t lie ganjamom. :D It was him.

  16. BAHAHAHAHAHA....so that\'s what it would look like if GM and I had a kid? HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO
  17. Straight Up Bob Marley!!!

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