If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?

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  1. I would masturbate.

  2. I would only think about sex, beer, sandwiches, and football. And piss anywhere and everywhere.
  3. I feel bad for women, they'll never know the joy of writing their name in the snow :D
  4. I would cry about my feelings.

  5. because that is what excites us the most, right? :rolleyes:
  6. [​IMG]

    Dance around naked and play with my boobs all day, smoking weed.

    And do a camshow for weed money.
  7. go fuck some guys masterbate and strip maybe make some cash letting my vag be smashed n idk play with my tits
  8. Rob a bank or something with a lot of money then id have it when i change back

    then chill like I normally do
  9. Touch myself inappropriately
  10. Use guys to buy stuff for me , ya know typical women behavior jk jk

  11. this.

    id also take a ton of pictures and a few videos for science.

    edit: maybe not the hooker part actually.
  12. Makes you feel like you're not using your body right.
  13. I'd go demand a DNA test from my father, claiming i'm his long lost daughter. Then change back into myself and watch him sweat bullets when the test came back positive.

    And masturbate, does it even need to be said?
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    I would probably try to fuck over a bunch of dumb dudes for money.

    Edit: And probably spend a good portion of the day playing with my tits.
  15. Ewwww why would anyone fuck dudes?!?!

    I would totally lez out
  16. Lesbian orgies and camshow to make that ca$h
  17. I would focus all my energy to fist myself before the day is over.

  18. Goodluck finding a lez that doesn't look like a dude.

  19. Or a dude who looks like a lady :eek:
  20. I'd go up to every hot chick and try my hand at some Lesbo sex.

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