if you were stuck on and island

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    if you were stuck on an island and u could only bring 10 things wat would they be?(not including food,clothing,water,shelter,beds, boats, stuff to leave island with)

    id bring
    1. football
    3.a ipod
    4. books
    5. a guy im crushin on
    6. marijuana
    7.bug spray
    8. sunblock
    9. makeup
    10. alcohol
  2. Whats that? Grasscity Island... what?
  3. 1. tons of weed
    2. ipod
    3. laptop
    4. wifi internet
    5. soap
    6. shampoo
    7. toothpaste
    8. toothbrush
    9. a cute guy
    10. a bunch of shrooms
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    2.Maui Waui seeds
    3.Orange seeds
    4.Avacado Seeds
    6.A boat
    10. Magnifying glass

    why are people bringing electronics ? ahahahaha
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    if were going to play like that..

    1. hovercraft
    2. fuel for hovercraft
    3. wind proof lighter
    4. floatable container
    5. lots of joints
  6. Well lets see...
    1: Whiskey
    2: 50 pounds of weed
    3: An awesome Growing set up
    4: A boat.

    Thats it, I'd get drunk and high for weeks and then i'd boat my way back to my homeland. this thread doesnt seem very logical when people could bring things witgh them to save themselves. not trying to be a party pooper...
  7. 1)an Axe
    2)2 chickens
    3)Pounds of pot plus seeds to grow
    5)Unbreakable bowl
    6)18yr old Nympho
    7) Giant Tent
    8)Toilet Paper...lost of it
    9)Fishin Stuff
    10)Guitar...cant play but i need something to do so why not learn
  8. i forgot to add that in...damn lol
  9. jet pack
    jessica alba
    Jessica biel
    one of my friends
    3 things he wants
  10. 1.) Scarlet Johanson
    2.) Scarlet Johanson
    3.) Scarlet Johanson
    4.) Scarlet Johanson
    5.) Scarlet Johanson
    6.) Scarlet Johanson
    7.) Scarlet Johanson
    8.) Scarlet Johanson
    9.) Scarlet Johanson
    10.) Dope

    Fuck you guys, i win.
  11. 1. 100 pounds of weed
    2. ipod
    3. alchohol
    4. cheese
    5. Halle Berry
    6. Jennifer Love Hewitt
    7. Kim Kardashian
    8. Jessica Biel
    9. Beyonce
    10. SNoop dogg CD
  12. Same.
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    well i do live on on an island... rhode island that is.

    but if i lived on an actual island, id bring

    1. Massive abouts of marijuana (containing seeds)
    2. My bubbler
    3. Massive amounts of dutches and papers
    4. My acoustic guitar and pics
    5. My notebook (and a few extra)
    6. Tons of pens
    7. Tons of bic lighters
    8. My collection of books
    9. An axe
    10. My harmonica

    [edit] 11. and my iPhone so hopefully it'll somehow pick up 3g and i'll have the web... i'll figure out how to keep it charged once im there. and i'm aware i went over by 1 number, w/e, its cool/// just merge pens and notebook to one category... or fuck it get rid of the axe, i'll make one on the island. damn im high
  14. 1. The best grow set in the world.
    2. A case of every alcohol in the world.
    3. Lot's of guns
    4. a 2009 Cummins turbo larimie dually, With lift and Arb Air lockers
    5. 100 pounds of the dankest weed in the world.

  15. you win untill about 10 years later.
  16. 1. Wind powered generator/windmills.
    2. HPS and Metal halide setups with innumerable replacement bulbs, and the nutrients/chemicals helpful in growing.
    3. Lots of marijuana, and marijuana seeds for growing.
    4. A laptop complete with one of those cards so you can get the internet with anywhere, prepaid for a lifetime.
    5. Various camping equipment such as pots/pans, silverware, dishes, buckets, and a hot plate.
    6. Lots of lumber, and tools with which to turn the lumber into something.
    7. A lifetime supply of arizona tea's.
    8. Lots and lots and lots of books.
    9. A shit ton of different medicine/pills and medical books for shit that might fuck my life up, or for purposefully fucking it up ;).
    10. Whoever I want to have sex with the most at the time I got stuck there.

  17. Thats why im bringing' nine of em.
  18. 1. My bed.
    2. 100 lbs. of organic sensimilla (50 lbs. sativa, 50 lbs. indica), along with some weed seeds and other growing stuff.
    3. My bowl, and all the bic lighters I'll ever need.
    4. A shitload of peanut butter.
    5. My computer/Ipod
    6. A frisbee.
    7. Books. Lots of them.
    8. A 20-year old (female) concubine, resembling Monica Bellucci. :cool:
    9. Lots of good beer.
    10. A nice, sharp axe.
  19. Is it me or does this girl seem waaay underage heh
  20. 1)Ganja
    2)Friends (lol its fucked up but hey)

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