If you were stuck on an island...

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  1. Youre stuck on an island with no chance of rescue or escaping for many years, surrounded by a salt water ocean, there is no actual soil/dirt on the island, mostly just sand and rocks. You already have some of your basic needs met (shelter,food,and fire)

    You have a few seeds. (Why you ask?... Don't ask why! You're stranded on a damn island!)

    1. What strain would you bring and why
    2. How would you grow it? 3. How would you smoke it?
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  2. 1. I would never bring seeds to sand and rocks.
    2. I would never get myself stranded on an island without a bong and weed.
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  3. Now you only get male seeds...
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  4. I'll play along...Make Coco coir from Coconuts... Don't know how you wash it... That will take a lot of fresh water

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  5. There are a few ways to do that. Remember, you do have fire.
  6. damn this is a thinker or im just too high and keep picturing myself smoking out of a coconut chillin with tucans but i think
    1- I'd bring afgoo as its my favorite strain and o feel like it would have a fighting chance at surviving.
    2- Id boil ocean water if possible and if all else fails id water it with my tears. and obv smoke it out of a coconut lol
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  7. Lmfao.
  8. But you have no pot to boil in!
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  9. I think at that point I'd just kill myself.

    Sorry for my drunken shitposting OP :D I'll stop
  10. Tears it is then lol hmmm squeeze the leaves and life out of all the other plants on the island or use the shells of animals im imaging since you have a steady food supply some of it must be shelled animals.
  11. Dig deep enough to hit the aquifer level of the island 3-7ft normally, that will have fresh water use that for satori seeds. Weave fish/crab pods, use the crab shells as a source of calcium. Use coconut meat for potassium. Make a compost pile for more successful grows for later. Smoke it out of 2 carved pieces of wood strapped together, light a fire with bow made from clothes cuttings and a angled piece of wood.
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  12. sounds like you have lived off the grid before :)
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  13. Cheech MacGyver, is that you?
  14. I would craft a telescope out of palm leaves and some glass looking shells, look at belowtheinfluence's island and try to copy this blade.

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  15. This is an alcohol free imaginary island! Not some Jack Sparrow island with an underground hidden booze room. JK you're good.

    Damn... good answer... Depends on the size of the island as far as the salt content of the ground water but I'm sure it would be good enough even if it was a very small island.

    You could also just use large leaves to catch rain water (assuming it rarely rains...)

    Could filter any rain water that you find with charcoal and a piece of clothing as a prefilter.

    As much as I hate to say this... As this is something I'd never do in any situation... you can technically piss around your plants to water them and it does have some beneficial nutrients..Or so I've read... But the thought of that...
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  16. The further in on a island you move the lower that aquifer level goes, the best spot to dig one is around ~20-30 ft from high tide. It will have filtered out enough of the salt by then and it will replenish faster than one further in a island.
  17. Ok ... First i would cut a coconut in half and cover my dick .... Cuz you know spiders and fucking birds. Anyways i would shit the other half of the coconut and plant the seeds in sandy shit MATT DAMON : The Martian style.

    Feed the weed coconut water ... Which is ACTUALLY good for the plant.
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  18. I like it, eat the weed you have after decarbing it under your glasses in the hot island sun, drink a shit ton of salt water and jerk it till you die. I'm on board for that plan...With my luck just as I pass out and die I realize that I was just high as such and it was a beach in Cancun.

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  19. I'm just going to hang out with this guy all the time so I don't need to worry about this situation arising.

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