If you were slaving in a sweatshop, what product would you want to make?

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  1. If you had to work incredibly long shifts for like a quarter a day, what would you want to make?

    Anything goes, children's toys, automobile parts, clothes, etc.
  2. Counterfeit money
  3. I would want to grow weed, a quarter a day works for me :smoke:
  4. I would want to do this...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCu2mgoCP4]Simpsons - Ohhhr Shit - YouTube[/ame]

  5. Make them fake Gibson Les Paul's in China! But I'de make them look like a real piece off art
  6. id want to be responsible for filling water bottles. SO I CAN PUT $#% IN ALL OF THE WATER.
  7. A Plane that could fly me to somewhere that doesnt suck.

  8. I lol'd.

    I'd make these

    It's called "the bodyguard"

    "By pulling a safety pin and pressing a pressure-sensitive button in the glove's palm, a bridge of sparking electricity appears above the knuckles."

    And then just fight my way out of there
  9. American flags
  10. Guns to shoot the warehouse owners


    [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']I would want to grow weed, a quarter a day works for me :smoke:[/quote]

    This works too
  11. Guns

    Edit: ^ ninja'd
  12. Bongs or any type of glass. And i would have to test each one with a snap to make sure it works
  13. Glass blowing.
  14. idk a would like to mke a few things- clay pipes,cocaine,guns or cheap toys painted with lead based paint to give to the american children
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    Making or producing some sort of illegal drug for some cartel, better then making Nike shoes, I could maybe take a little of whatever that drug may be and atleast be high while I work

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