If you were president........

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  1. I have to tell ya, I like Bill Clinton...... He had that chick sucking his dick while on the phone with congress!

    I would so fucking love that, I also wouldn't mind getting that chick to blow me too! I'd hit it.

    If you were president..... other than leaglizing weed, what fucked up shit would you do?
  2. I would actually try to run this country properly and efficiently
  3. presidents really dont have any power at all. theyre just an image. all they can pretty do much do is pardon.
  4. After I make marijuana legal, I'll quit. Because I seriously think president is one of the worst jobs ever. It's hard, it's stressful. You have to pick up after everyone's shit and no one's ever happy about your work. No matter how hard you try you're always 'the worst president' in the eyes of a certain, maybe multiple, group of people. I dont know, I'd rather :bongin: and :ey:
  5. You don't have any fucking choice what you would want to do.
    It's not like you're the boss of all bosses, you have someone above you aswell.
    They tell you what to do, so you can't just do whatever you want.
    Its not their desicion.

    Now if I ruled the world, that would be a diff story,
    I will not even begin to mention what I would change.
    Cause were in need of alot of that..
  6. btw, wrong section?

  7. So you would probably have to fire 80% of Federal, State and Local goverment employees!

  8. Fire.


  9. Yeah then sit back and get your dick sucked by a cute intern, fuck her with a cigar, blow a load on her face....... oh, BURN THE FUCKING DRESS!
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    I'm sorry, but who is above the president? last time i checked he is at the top of the chain of command.
  11. I would shut down the stock markets and declare war on the entire world.
  12. Invade Canada.
  13. If i was president i would fucking resign!
  14. This is after you find out the truth to every conspiricy known to man, right?

  15. "Invade"...pfft...Canada wouldn't resist, we would just annex them, lol
  16. I'd sell the nation to China for a pretty penny, pocket it, and move to the Seychelles islands to retire and fornicate all day.
  17. if i was the prime minister of canada, i wouldn't change anything

    if i was the president of america, i would try to be more like canada.
  18. I would make myself a mean cheese steak, play some Mario Kart 64 and have the CIA take swift vengeance on whoever has ever wronged me.

  19. Now that's funny. The only reason why no one has invaded Canada because we are just to the south of them. Canada is a socalist country that is almost a communist with all of their censorship.

    I'm just saying, some of the interns that work in the goverment are fucking hot, I know I'd be taxing that ass all of the time. Hell that would be better than their current ways to become a politician.
  20. You realize that it's possible to get laid without becoming president, right?

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