if you were on acid and....

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. all of a sudden the world broke out into a musical, but u didnt know any of the choreography, would u join in anyway or freak the fuck out and wonder what the hell is goin on
  2. Random question, heh. I would probley just stare in awe thinking 'What the fuck?' ... After watching it for an hour or so I'd probley spark up a joint, and then go join in...
  3. i dont dance so that would trip the hell out of me.

    sounds like a good time though, a big party and everyones invited.
  4. ive done that before. I just kind of writhe around...
  5. I couldn't have explained it better myself :)
  6. I would shit myself, then spontaniously combust.

    Then i would smokeabowl.
  7. I'd probably stand there wondering if what's happening is real. Then I'd probably go looting while everyone is dancing and singing :devious: haha.
  8. I would freak the fuck out and not know what the hell was going on...
  9. i would join the dance for sure, maybe stick out like an pink crayon in an all black crayon box, fuckin' everything up, but nothing more fun then acid and a world wide musical haha
  10. haha strange Q but interesting, id stand ther and fuckin wonder wth, then id eventually dance as well lol
  11. One of my friends was in the highschool musical a few years ago, and he had a solo where he was the only one on stage. And we convinced him to take mushrooms for the final show since he was a senior and it would be his last show ever. Well, he did, and as soon as he walked out on stage he just kindof looked around at the audience with an amazed look on his face, and ran off stage.
  12. You may not believe this but I have actually thought about this exact same thing!

    And to answer the question, I would break into a tap-dancing solo.
  13. I'd join in for sureee!! and of course throw in my own little solo bit being the attention whore that i am.. haha :p
  14. id freak out and run, then wonder what the hell im running from. then id realize this shit cant be happening in real life, so id start doing random ass shit too.
  15. I'd probally laugh. I mean it would be soo funny to see everyone you ever knew singing and dancing around you. :eek:
  16. i would try and figure out if what i was seeing was real. and if i was sure it was, id join in and have a jolly good time.
  17. I'd freak the fuck out and wonder what the fuck was going on. I don't like musicals, they all have shitty music.
  18. I found a short indie film that's highly relevant to this topic. It's in Spanish but there's english subtitles:

  19. this thread fuckin almost gave me a flashback. i have definitely dropped acid in a wheatfield where the grains began singing to me and waving. so of course i jumped in with them...i mean i knew the lyrics cuz they were singing "if i were a rich man" from fiddler on the roof. those were some crazy guys, i mean stalks of wheat.
  20. id go find a fat person and watch them jiggle

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