if you were in jail for a few days would you smoke?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by letsmokeasweet, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. last week some of the people in my tank were toking up but i didnt get a chance to. but now im a little glad i didnt risk it. would u?
  2. Fuuuuck no. I wouldn't smoke in a building with a cop in it, let alone jail. I'm not enough of a fiend that I need to smoke everyday regardless. I can wait it out a few days.
  3. For a few days I suppose it wouldn't be worth it. I knew I was going to have to do a bid earlier this year and I kept telling myself to bring some pot in so that I could get rid of it in order to get some canteen items quickly and not have to wait til the next week to order. Ended up smoking all of my bud and bringing some Marlboros in instead. Still ended up with enough food to be happy . . . .
  4. How does somebody get weed in jail? Canteen items? What the fuck?

    Maybe it's because I've never been to jail.. >_<
  5. If I'm just in for a few days I wouldn't.

    Definitely would if I was in for years though.
  6. Canteen items are like extras you can buy so that you don't starve to death. If you have no money coming to you when you're there, you only get the three trays they serve you daily, which is little more than elementary school lunch trays. Typical items on canteen are ramen noodles, candy bars, coffee, etc.
    One cigarette is worth alot, because so m any people in there have been going without smokes. You break it down into three roll ups (re rolled with bible paper), and they each go for like 1.80 - or the cost of three ramen soups.
  7. in my prisons they but packs of tabbacco and jus roll their cigreatts themselfs

    i thought it wafs funny to see what looked like a million joint roaches on the graound everywhere arcross all the yards hhaha
  8. how do you get herb into jail with you?
  9. I brought tobacco into jail with me, not pot - I ended up smoking all my green because I had already been sentenced and knew I would be going in on a specific date. When that day came around I took some cigarettes, tucked them between my skin and the elastic band of my boxers. They pat you down after you switch from street clothing to the khaki jumpsuits, but with the athletic shorts they give you on over boxers, its too easy.
  10. how many prisons do you attend? That's cool they let you surf GC in there.
  11. I wouldn't smoke any pot in jail... but I just about killed for a smoke and I was only in there for 4 days.
  12. i wouldnt smoke in jail unless i was there for a long time. ive sweated out a few nights in county and i wanted to blaze so bad but if the oppurtunity came up i..

    1) wouldnt wanna deal with the guards and the whatever consequences follow
    2) would rather not smoke than smoke a little and have a guard jack my shit
    3) fuck it one and two are enough
  13. fuck no! I can go without weed for awhile to avoid that shit
  14. Hell no, I wouldn't smoke weed in jail.
  15. in the jail here i doubt bud smoke is the thing to worry about.
  16. if someone else offered me a few tokes hell yeah but I wouldn't go through the trouble of bringing it in
  17. Hahaha this was halarious, you must be such a gangsta. :rolleyes:
  18. haha i know what u mean by paying in soups lol...but the way i saw it im getting out n a couple days, they were on the way to the pen
  19. I would smoke up just to put it to the man!

    But in all reality I don't know what I would do, considering I have never been in jail. I wouldn't mind experiencing it at some point in my life though, just sucks that felonies stick with you through life, haha.

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