If you were going to buy a vaporizer what would you buy and why?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smither123, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. If you were going to buy a vaporizer what would you buy and why?
  2. Right now I have my eye on Da Buddha desktop vape. I've heard consitently good things about it and it is fairly efficient. $150 price tag for a durable and effective vape.
  3. Sublimator. Why not?
    This^ 20 second sesh FTW!
    You guys wouldn't to be tempted to buy a portable vape then? Any reason for that?
    They are really shitty right now. Desktop vapes will always be the most powerful things you can dump your money into.
  7. Arizer Solo and the Ascent once all the small problems have been worked out.

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  8. I might get the ascent. Ever that or a desktop vape
  9. Nope. Most important factor to me is vapor quality. Portablity is nice and all but for me a portable is just something nice to have to go along with my desktop for when im out of the house.
    If a portable could hit like the sublimator and have a battery that lasts twice as long as the solo then maybe I could have it as my only vape. There is nothing like that on the market though right now.
    I called portables shitty :laughing: honestly I love my Solo, but it's only so powerful. The Subliminator can rip up bowls in one hit, that's insane.
  11. So for my first vape would you advise me to get a desktop vape?
    Are you a heavy smoker with a high tolerance?
  13. not really, about a joint a day. My tolerance isn't extremely high buts it's about med.
    Then I think you'd be satisfied with a Solo, I used to smoke .5 every session out of a bong and now I'm down to less than a tenth of a gram thanks to the Solo. It's the hardest hitting portable out there currently, all of my smoking friends are satisfied by it they all want one themselves! :laughing:
  15. Thanks, I think I will buy a solo the only downside is the glass tube to carry with me. Do they have a case or anything to hold it in?
    I know if you can find a blunt case that fits them those work pretty well, but the only problems I've had with the glass stems is if I don't take care of them and lose track of them they will fall down and break (I've had the straight stem roll off of a countertop, and the bent stem fell out of my pocket because I didn't shove it in far enough)
    If you don't think the Solo will be your can of worms, you can take a look at other reputable companies' vapes like I know the new Da Vinci is pretty good (no glass to break), I know the Inhalater XP is good as well (the bowl is plastic), I know the Pinnacle by Vaporblunt is good (not as good as the other two I mentioned because of limited heat settings, but still gives good vapor)
    Or you can go the butane route and look at the hammer vaporizer (glass to break) or the Lotus vaporizer (no glass to break).
    I always suggest the Solo over everything because it has a big battery (long battery life), the taste is killer (can't beat a glass vapor path), and it's super easy to learn and use. The only downsides are glass is easy to break, the draw restriction (I haven't found it to be a problem at all), and you have to baby the battery or else it renders the whole vape useless (meaning you can't let the battery die).
  17. I hear the volcanoe is good but its so expensive
  18. I would get the Arizer Xtreme.  I have the V-tower and its great but the Xtreme improves on everything.
  19. Well I'd probably re-buy what I have now. Pax by Ploom. It's a fairly nice pocket vape. Comparable to the size of a cell phone (It's narrower, but has more depth)
    Super low key. I bring it into concerts all the time, it gets pulled out for security checks, and I have not once been asked to get rid of it. It has 3 different temp settings. 'Red' Will give you big plooms of smoke, with good bud- Fucks you up! 'Yellow' shows less 'smoke' slightly less extreme, high, plus you can puff on it longer. 'green' is what you'd want to use in a movie theater. It shows very little vapor, but still hits nicely, and the packing lasts a LONG time.
    I use it on 'red' most often and the battery will usually last all day, depending on how much I smoke.

    The owners manual says  for "tobacco" use, but I assure you, flowers work perfectly, and even hash will work on high temp settings. Pack it with Kief and you're fucking retarded after 2 rips.

  20. My cuz has their big model it was like $500-600 IIRC. It's a good vape, but honestly it's better for sharing, than puffing on by yourself, because it's so large. I'm sure they have smaller ones, but if you want small, I think a pocket vape is the way to go.

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