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if you were forced to be on an island for 25 years.. what would you choose to take with you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokeallday, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. for 25 years you are going to be on an island in the middle of nowhere. the island has a massive villa, a swimming pool, tv kitchen stuff, bed stuff, and a few cool gadgets here and there.  and a beach, aswell as a huge patch of garden. you will have an unlimited supply of food and drinks. you can only pick ONE thing to take with you, what will you choose?
    \nyour DREAM woman. she will cater to your every need, serve you well in bed knowing every rule in the book to give you the best orgasm and make you feel loved. she will stay by you and share every moment with you if you want her to. she's never grumpy and always happy and knows how to have a laugh.
    \nthe dankest herbs you could imagine.  with this you get your own huge patch of garden to plant and grow your babies - an unlimited supply. you also can only pick one method to take use the weed i.e vape bong equipment for joints etc.
    \na dog. the dog is extremely loyal, loving and makes you feel less lonely. he survives as long as you survive.
    \n$2.25 million when you leave the island. you rack up $90,000 a year if you choose this option. - bearing in mind you are being paid this much for a free villa mansion, the beach,  tv, free food and drinks etc.
    \nfree outdoor items. like a surf board, suba diving gear, small motor boat (wouldn't be able to reach anywhere in one travel as there'd not be enough petrol in the tank), kytes, football, wind surf etc, which you could have an unlimited supply of.
    \na family member or close friend.  you could have a great laugh with them, and you'd have someone to share all your memories to.
    \nmake your choice!

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    I choose all of them..and I want more than one girl on this island
  3. #3 lazytoker, Jan 18, 2014
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    I don't get it. Why is money even a choice? Are there other people on the island, or anything to spend it on? If there are other people.... I could find women there to stick my penis in..... and I'd go with the money to buy my own bud... and a dog.
    But if you're stranded alone, I'd pick the woman.
    Plus with 25 years you could just make a sail out of the wind surf thing, put it on the boat, and take off like cast away shit.
  4. just some herb and some blunt wraps ill fuck a coconut shell lubed up with crab blood for my sexual needs.
  5. Herbs all dayyy. I like solitude. Straight trillin all day in my bamboo hammock lightin bowlsss.
  6. How about a boat with a gps? Sent from The Gods.
  7. 25 years on an island? 

    I'll bring a bullet and a gun so I can get off the island. 
  8. I'm taking the money. You didn't specify what island. It could be Hawaii for all you know. Cash buys errything! Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks..
  9. Weed!!!!
    I mean, if life is being taken care of for me like a house and food then all I would need is weed. I have a hand to compensate for a female, weed can be money, and I am sure I can find a nice island creature to make my pet that would compensate for my lack of dog..
    Frankly all I would need is weed. Family and friends would be missed, but that is part of life anyways so I might as well go ahead and move on to a deserted island and get that over with early.
  10. Wtf one type of smoking fuck that

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  11. Do we get different girl each year?

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  12. im not talking islands like hawaii lol.. im talking about literally. an island which is like the shit you see in cartooons.. all the island is is the villa the garden the sand and the sea, thats in obviously its fairly spaced out
  13. I guess the weed....with an unlimited amount i could probably find a way to eventually build a seacraft
  14. My dream man with seeds in his pocket. Lol
  15. Shit I was happy on the beach with nothing but a hammock
    Give me all that, unlimited bud, and the tools to make a chalwa and I'm a happy camper
  16. The two w's-woman and weed

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    a weedcraft
  18. I'd choose my dream girl.Bud is a great thing, but I choose love over everything else.I can't stand loneliness, yet somehow here I am without a friend in sight.Funny how things turn out sometimes..~1996 Jiggawattz~
  19. Ive decided weed Is the only answer.

    You could build a hut, clothes, net for catching fish, hammock, eat it for nutrition, use it for fire get really rich after 25 years when youre rescued but still know of this magical unlimited weed supply.

    The only downside is the 25 years of isolation. That shit would be hard. Perhaps you could have some animal friends you keep uber chill with your unlimited weed supply
  20. My girl .......always.

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