If you were a DJ, what name would you go by?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ẅest Čoast, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. DJ's don't necessarily need 'dj' in front of the name. I would be called..

  2. Papy Masantu
  3. Cletus McBigdik
  4. Not necessarily, but yet they all do anyways.
  5. DJ RyFy or DJ Checkmate.
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  6. checkmate sounds dope

    id go by dj soundstorm

    i actually dj'ed a bit in college but that wasnt my name

  7. haha thanks. i just imagined someone like Armin van Buuren or a big name announcing a song and saying "this is the Checkmate remix" and i was like "fffffffffffffffffffffffff yessssss"

    i feel like DJ Brahmabull would be a good one too
  8. DJ Chupacabra

    Suprisingly in the late 90's when I told a friend about my fake dj name he looked it up and there was actually a "DJ Chupacabra" lol
  9. Dj mcskillet


    Dj duckbutter
  10. id say that would depend a bit on what kind of music you played....
  11. DJ Herb Daily
  12. DJ phag
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  13. DJ Letsplay

    on the play ground, weeeeeeeeeeeee DJ cumpancakes

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