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  1. Like, I'm sorry it sucks for what happened- but what are you gonna do. I don't think it's right personally. It's how nations were formed, people went in and conquered the land.

  2. i was mainly kidding, but the govt finally gave in when they appealed. the govt let them do their thing since they were doing before the royal we got here...but the govt obviously should decide what is best for its citizens....the govt's job is to tell us what we are allowed to consume. well shit...it looks like i still managed to leak sarcasm in this post too. oh well.
  3. psychology should be used in determining legality of psycadelics. I'm saying everything should be legal, but there are restrictions that need to be made, and psychology would be a good place to start. Look at alcohol- even with restrictions, people still drink too much, get alcohol poisoning and die. But, I'm sure the number would be higher if everyone had access to it. If someone who can't handle alcohol gets access to it, bad things will inevitably happen. I think the same is true for psycadelics, but i feel you have the possibility of hurting others, so there should be some minimum requirement in being able to get them. There will always be stupid people out there. I'm saying we should use psychology to determine who's able to handle psycadelics, for themselves AND others, as well. That's all.
  4. like i fucking said earlier, please read all of my posts if youre going to respond to them....i dont write this shit for my health. i stated in an earlier post how drugs should be controlled...i have further ideas on this if you want you can pm me but im sure that would be too much trouble given the circumstances.
  5. No, but I've seen someone try driving on shrooms. People every day are proving how stupid they can be by doing moronic things.
  6. this is the problem there could be no control over this huh? I mean there would need to be a huge plan to actually go about this
  7. example
  8. I hope this keeps going, I've got to hit the hey, I'll check before I go to work in the morning.
  9. since yall have hard time reading....

    drugs should be controlled the same as alcohol currently is. you go to the corner store and show youre id....yes kids will still have access to them....but look kids have access to them now! the advantages to a legal society FAR outweigh the disadvantages...meaning yes there are some downsides but when the pros are more than the cons, drastic change should be considered.
  10. haha dammit, you were like the only one keepin it alive.
  11. i believe he was referring to psycological tests for people to be able to tell if they could do shrooms or acid or not, could be mistaken though

  12. why? what the hell good would that do? (im not talking to you specifically btw) people dont have to fill out a test for alcohol....and we;ve all witnessed people who freak out/flip shit/start shit/ and otherwise cause problems for other people when they drink. why would you have to with drugs? thats bullshit....who would regulate this test....and what if i failed somehow? that means i still cant get the substance i adore....and we're back to square one.
  13. yea, Like some people shouldn't do certain drugs because of a possible undiagnosed disorder. They could die.

    This thread is like an addictive drug, I Can't leave, I'll smoke another bowl then i'll go
  14. goddamnit NO, i meant cheebaa was referring to how ridiculous it would be to give people tests for that and it would be nearly impossible

    laxphenom brought it up and i THOUGHT cheebaa was saying it was stupid, if not then I AM saying it would be stupid :smoke:
  15. i don't exactly respond the fastest out there. I read my stuff over before posting to try and get the wording right. i was just explaining how i thought psychological methods should be taken in controlling the ability for the public to obtain some drugs. You said you believe they should be controlled like alcohol. I was trying to explain my reasoning, but i guess that's pissing you off. Sorry dude. No harm meant :smoke:
  16. there are countless undiagnosed alcoholics (by geneticism) that die from alcohol. its their choice when they drink....if someone cares enough then they should get THEMSELVES checked out....their comes a time when people have got to stop depending on the govt to take care of them and take responsibility.
  17. dude we're good, i want to apologize for the sand in my vagina earlier...this is just something that means a hell of a lot to me....i wish i had the power to somehow change things....ive written countless high school and college essays on this....i dont normally try to persuade people's thinking but the current legislation is absolute ridiculous.
  18. But by opening recreational drugs to a society you open it up to people who don't have health insurance and cannot afford a doctor for some of those tests (blood work, possibly a visit to a cardiologist ) and then the possible potential psychiatric care if a bad trip is encountered if the individual needs it

  19. again, these psycological effects can also be triggered by alcohol....its bullshit that this disgusting (haha i still drink it) substance is legal while less harmful drugs are taboo...even the acknowledged usage of these drugs makes one an outcast in most social circles. thats bullshit. also, its not like people are totally unaware of the potential danger of these drugs....if they dont choose to start out with a minial dose thats their fault...the law should come in ONLY when they harm others in their partaking.

  20. The test wouldn't just be psychological though. It would give you a situation:
    say, you're freaking out, what do you do?
    A. go get help
    B. try to calm down
    C. stay where you are
    D. B and C

    other questions would include how much a proper dosage is and stuff like that. The main purpose of it would be to make sure you have at least basic knowledge of the drug and how to handle it. It'd be to make sure you don't hurt yourself or others, and it was just a suggestion. I suppose you'd go through a doctor to get the drugs, via a prescription after you pass it and make sure there are no possible interactions with anything else you're on. I'm not living or dying on this idea.

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