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  1. let the strongest survive

    if people are going to be dumb enough and dose too much, well ....new way of population control ladies and gentleman
  2. I think the same thing it's your body do your thing..... BUT we cannot have a nation of junkies and this is just a risk not worth taking. Also there are probably some highly addictive research chemicals out there with no long term effects studied
  3. are you an idiot? "anything thats not psychadelic"...you just canceled out all the non addictive substances like mescaline, peyote, shrooms, acid, etc. while leaving heroin cocaine meth dot dot dot
  4. there's also highly addictive, easily overdosed chemicals that are LEGAL and are prescribed everyday. pharms are so harmful man.
  5. Would anyone be concerned about the fear of crime for people to get money to support the habit?
  6. Note: I've only smoked pot (and did a lil Dxm), so this isn't biased at all.

    If it was pot, xtc, shrooms, or acid...in small quantities, then I wouldn't do anything about it. Maybe confiscate it, make them throw it out, and just let them go with a warning. Tell them to get their asses home so they won't really get caught with it.

    If it was a small amount of heroin, meth, or coke...i'd take it up, throw it out...tell them to get their asses home.

    If it was a large quantity of meth, heroin, or coke...and felt like they had an intent to sell, then i'd prolly confiscate it, and turn it into the police, saying I found it in some random car, or found it on some bum and they ran off or something. But at that point it'd still depend on how big of an ass they were if i'd get them in trouble or not.

    But I really don't think i'd get someone in trouble for pot. Unless, of course, they started trouble.
  7. how concerned are you about alcoholics robbing you for their habit? for that matter, crackheads are gonna be crackheads, legal or not.....how much does that concern you right now?
  8. we dont have a nation of alcoholics just because thats legal. Just because someone opens a door, dosent mean everyone will walk through it. Alot of people know an alcoholic/ have a history of it on their family and that scares them away from it. Im sure it would be very simular with crack/heroin/meth or whatever

    Not every drug is for everyone. I dont perticulary like to drink, I will ocasionally but ide much rather smoke a few bowls. Ive smoked crack and done coke a number of times as well, neither of which happens to be my personal cup of tea

  9. i don't care if someone wants to shoot up some heroine or what not. I wouldn't want to see people tripping on acid and doing stupid shit because they aren't smart enough or mentally strong enough to handle it. If someone wants to waste all their money on crack, that's their choice. I don't want to see anyone tripping on acid or some shit get in a car and kill innocent people. It's a personal thing...it's up to you what you can handle. If you're dumb enough to kill yourself, you did it and you pay the price.
  10. I'n my opinion I think the general public (KEEP this in mind we are talking about the general public having acess to recreational drugs) needs some guidance as far as health issues. I mean its sad that people can sue Mc Donalds for being fat and not putting nutritional info on the food, like NO SHIT it's not good for you- BUT apparently we (the General Public) need guidance because everyday we loose common sense. SO maybe by keeping these drugs illegal it prevents alot of the general public from doing them

  11. i see people stab eachother for cigarettes all the time :rolleyes:
  12. look man, youre not discussing legality here. youre discussing psycology. whether or not its legal is not gonna keep people from getting it (has it before?) and doing that "stupid shit".... "If you're dumb enough to kill yourself, you did it and you pay the price" i like that quote cuz thats exactly what im saying, to each his own...but under current legislation its not fair that i could get busted when i want to buy some LSD-25 because that is MY religion/spirituality whatever you wanna call it. aint no god gonna take me where acid has. and its not fucking fair that i can get locked up for such a peaceful drug.
  13. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN.....haha sorry

    But seriously you know shit trickles down, what about kids getting into it? I mean young kids shouldn't be tripping or shooting up

  14. Uhh.. I dont know anyone who actually thinks they can drive on acid
  15. ive just stated my idea of how the shit should be controlled....please read all i have to say if youre gonna respond to it....besides if a kid is determined to get it he's gonna find a way....legal or not.

    by the way, you said earlier that the public needed guidance...i dont fucking need the govt tellin me what i can and cant put into my own body.

  16. how many 14 year old acid and potheads do you think are on this forum? prohibition dosent stop anything. When i was younger, i had a tougher time gettin cigarettes than i did pot
  17. Why the hell do native americans get to trip on there land (Imean no offense if this is not politically correct)- I know it's spiritual, but why can't normal people do it for the same reasons

  18. politics. thats all everything in america is
  19. haha we (the royal we) fucking raped their land and destroyed their people/culture...why not let them take back our money with casinos and let them have expereiences doing what they were doing long before europeans came.
  20. I've got to tell you though, I wish I had started smoking when I was in high school, I was thinking the other day- I threw the discus my freshman year and placed 2 in the state, and 3rd at the shot put (sp?), and I never relized I was good at it until now. I think that pot would have made me more interested in it and actually have known I had potential. I feel more motivated now that I smoke more then ever.

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