If you were a cop

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    If you were a cop, and you busted some one while they were smoking a joint, would you let them finish the j? or atleast take a couple more hits? maybe join in?
  2. id smoke it for myself :D

    actually, i would probably just join in with them, sure as hell wouldnt bust any stoners
  3. Im sure people on a weed forum would bust them...lol of course id join in man
  4. Heh I wouldnt bust any stoners, I wouldnt join in if I was workin Id just ignore it :D
  5. i would take it then smoke it later
  6. the average douche that actually gets caught smoking (notice i said average so dont fucking flame me) doesnt deserve to keep their shit anyway. id gank it.
  7. Id bust him.

    C'mon, i'm a cop, im on a power trip.
  8. If it was just a joint, i'd wink and say "I didn't see anything. But this is a warning, now get your asses home cuz most cops aren't like me" or some shit like that.
    If it was more than a joint, maybe an O or something, then i'd tell them to be more careful next time. I'd be on the lookout for stoners in the area, making sure they don't fuck up again.
    But if they're a dick, then i'd take their shit and make them scared shitless. "Kay, the ticket will come in the mail." Actually, you'd have to be a pretty big dick for me to do that, but...yeah.
    I wonder if police officers get drug tested??
  9. i'd let 'em keep it and worry bout bigger, more important shit, or traffic tickets or something....I'm definitely not gonna be a hypocrite and take it for me. I DO have some morals
  10. ide be a total dick, make people hate cops even more.. start the revolution from the inside
  11. no, they do when they begin, but they do not get random tests or any shit like that
  12. yes, because we all know cops are not good for anything...definitely not social control and protection of propery. :rolleyes:

  13. I never said cops were useless. but something needs to change
  14. OK what about other drugs, Like cocaine, heroine or anything like that? I mean lets expand this, What drugs should be recreational?
  15. In my opinion, anything that's not psychadelic, meaning you can still function reasonably well while on it. I'm sure there'd be some way to get the psychadelics, like approval by a doctor or something, but i didn't think of any good ones yet. I'll get back...:smoke:
  16. not sure what i would do about cocaine,

    but i would not want crystal meth and heroin going around my neighborhoods personally
  17. i dont think there should be any restrictions and any "drugs" so long as you dont hurt anyone, damage property, ect. it should be YOUR right to control what goes on with YOUR body and inside of YOUR mind.

    People should realize that the physical harm any substances cause have very little to do with why their illegal

  18. yeah, ill go with that
    if the motherfuckers can keep it to themselves and not harm other people in the community, go for it
  19. holy shit... dude this is gonna make me post forever i just know it....and i have a lot of time on my hand tonite.

    basically i truly think (and im know there are other members who agree with me) that everything should be legalized. as long as you are hurting no one but yourself who cares what your poison is? also if its legal, the black market and subsequent killing/senseless violence/uncontrolled gang activity/poor foreign relations/overcrowded prisons/futile and wasteful usage of american tax dollars/etc. will be instanstly annihilated if everything is legal. It should be controlled the same way alcohol is controlled...yes there will still be a "black market" for those under 21, but thats unavoidable. i believe that as long as one has an open mind there are no dangerous drugs...only dangerous preparations.
  20. I think the risk of death has to be weighed in here right? I mean its known you basically cannot smoke enough pot to die, but you can take a resonable amount of another drug and die.

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