if you use penicillin you are going to hell

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  1. according to the bible

    in the original greek the word for 'drug' is pharmakeia. According to the bible people who practice 'pharmakeia' are going to hell. Pharmakeia means drugs or use of drugs, so if you use penicillin, aspirin, or anything which alters normal body function you are going to go to hell forever because god hates you.

    Stupid ass Christians.
  2. Consider letting them be as they will. Their beliefs are retarded - and because you realize this too theres no reason to take offense to a threat that you know is untrue. Let it pass, find the joys in your life, perhaps skip the little negative sprinkles. Try it, might fit you quite well ;)
  3. btw we get our word pharmacy from the greek word pharmakeia.


    according to the LSJ it means drugs, use of drugs, or sorcery. So then every pharmacist is a practicing witch doctor. I know christians will be like well blah blah with some kind of conditional or stupid reason why it doesn't mean literally but then they also believe noah's ark happened and in talking snakes so yeah..

  4. no they get into government they make laws they try to shove their beliefs down my throat i can't ignore them i wont lay a finger on them tho but i will ridicule them in hopes we can get rid of all religions which are the source of most of the worlds problems right now

  5. How would you like to be ridiculed?

    If you don't agree with the fundamental Christian "Golden Rule" (do unto others as you would have them do unto you), I'd say they are still ahead of you in one department at least.
  6. I dont know but one of the most famous bible parables, the good samaritan, the good guy uses drugs.
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    I think the OP need to remember that in the days the bible was written, there was no scientific approach to make drugs that work as intended. It was all a hokus-pokus kind of operation, much like traditional chinese drugs and various newage herbalists are today.

    As such, back then the administration of various herbs and such had as much to do with pagan (which is a euphemism for not-jewish actually, now means just ancient and dead) religion. And like other religions, christianity is not that fond of competition, thus the hell threat. That is, if actual worldy threats of flogging and whatnot were not enough.
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    I don't take my self so seriously that being ridiculed would undermine me much tbh i ridicule myself on a daily basis

    i mean look at my sig :roll:

    idk dude looking at the pharmeutical companies today i don't think we've really come that far it's still mostly hocus pocus kind of thing they got going on if you axe me brudda
  9. My boyfriend is allergic to penicillin, so he must be godly lol. jk jk
  10. thats uncalled for

    and where exactly in the bible does it say that?
    im sure hat the "original" christians had some sort of drugs that would "alter normal body function." so i guess even the people that wrote the book are fucked?
  11. I think if you read the word in context it is only referring to occult rituals, like the Egyptians used. Do you have any citations?

    Only idiot fundamentalists would try and apply it to modern medicine.
  12. The problem with that is that "drug" in English is a sloppy word which means many different things, and I'll bet the Greek was as sloppy and probably meant a very different thing than what we'd regard as a drug today.

    A translator's note I once read put it well: you can't ever translate something and convey all the nuances and meanings it had in the original language. Every language has a different cultural history which infuses a word with meanings and connotations which you simply can't bring over well into another language.
  13. Does this mean Jesus will go to hell? He was a known wine drinker...
  14. Shame it says that, think of all the drugs that help people/save lives/stop immense pain and suffering.

  15. One day humanity will transcend all this nonsense. So just follow androgenixc' advice.
  16. Before attacking a religion. At least have a source to back up what you have a specific problem with. I'm not sure what passage that is from considering you didn't post. But, if it is in the old testament the Christian belief is that Jesus took away a lot of elder Jewish beliefs (sacrificing animals for instance). Though I am not saying this is necessarily the case with whatever passage you are referring to.

    Secondly. Could you show respect when talking about a large group of people? To categorize an entire group as being stupid ass is not constructive for anyone. I know plenty of good, wise people who are practicing Christians and though I do not share all of their beliefs I can respect them.

    And man I feel the vibe of hate. I used to share a similar discord for lots of organized belief and religions. However, the damage done to myself was greater than the damage done to anyone with "wrong" beliefs. I believe there is wisdom and learning to be found in all religions. You just have to look. Let your discord go.
  17. no i shall not it is mine to do with as I please
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