If you use a chiller have spare TCs.

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  1. This is the second time in two years my chiller has "gone bonkers".
    I was reading the temp and it was @ 54 deg C.
    No freaking way!
    The failure was the thermocouple that is inserted into the chiller (2nd time).
    It is a good thing I can repair and know how to.
    The replacement TC's are very cheap and available on Ebay.
    The replacement procedure is very easy.
    Disassemble and replace, no soldering just a small screwdriver to connect it to the display/controller.
    1/4 hp chiller.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Any reason you could think of that it would fail? Just normal wear and tear?
  3. The caustic nature of the nutes eats the coating away then into the T/C.
    Here is a picture of where it made contact.
    The next T/C's I look for will be incased in stainless (I hope).

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