if you think its dry now...

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I wanted to run this by you guys.

    Picked up a hitchhiker (shh.. dont tell.) yesterday and got to talking, and he mentioned that a friend called him up one day after crossing the mackinac bridge, and he said as soon as you cross it and in a few key locations(lower michigan) there are signs much like the "buckle up, its the law" signs put there by the state, which say: "If you think its dry now, Just wait till next month"

    We all know what dry means.

    This was enough to at least make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...just a little.

    The general consensus here, and many other sites, is that they really dont want to waste their time busting small personal use indoor growers. I find this to be flawed. just think of all the opportunity that is presented to them once they bust you with a few plants... And with the large number of indoor growing that is now going on, Id say they are getting ready to unleash something rather big. they are cracking down and are stating so. new technologies perhaps, hell we know they can see the time on our watches from space, Im pretty sure all they gotta do is flick a switch and our houses are gonna flash with life on thier little screens. Im going to check out the states site and see what I can find...Ill update as I find out more. If you have any info please dont neglect to share it.

    Take care.
  2. Yeah I heard about that but I heard something about them voting to where if your nabbed with under 500 of Mj you will only have to go to rehab and receive no jail time.

    But as for the dryness its because of the huge bust they beeen making in Detroit and surounding areas.

    One more thing I heard canada was voting to legalize it anyone knwo if this is true????
  3. Yeah, Its gettin dry down here in Flordia* Prices have gone upto 180 bills for an ounce, When it used to be 120 and thats just for begrades-. ~FuCk ThA DEA~
  4. The general rule here, is its next to legal, its pretty much accepted here, a Poll by Global telecommunications, ( tv show) reported that 76% of canadians view marijuana laws as absurd and should be deriminalized. Even our senate ( diff than in the states, ours is just rich friends that gave money to the winning party, this includes a hockey legend mind you.)
    said that marijuana laws need reform, Medicinal marijuana places are still raided, but they only repossess what they find most of the time.... the police here just take it away to keep from themselves ( i believe the other 24% were bikers, dealers, lawyers judges and policemen) because they are the ones who profit from it!
    Our Prime minister is against legalization, but thats because He is a braindead moron who can t speak french or english well, and just does what bush says, until he leaves ( 2004)
    marijuana will not be legal, but a swift change of power from the Liberal party here would almost guarantee legalization, as most of the other party leaders have good views of it.

    It is also touted as a plan being kept secret to legalize it until our education and healthcare systems are broke.
    (which they are, a normal wait in the E.R. is about 6-7 hours if not life threatening, sometimes even up to a day, and Our school systems were all passing deficit budgets this year, so the gov forced more cuts and booted the trustees that didnt agree.
  5. New technologies...?!? watching us from space.... ermm...does somebody smell marijuana induced PARANOIA.

    just kidding....
  6. There is no doubt that the government uses their satellites to search for patches of marijuana. That's how they find random patches that "randomly" sprout up in the woods and eradicate them. I had a link to some government website a while back, if I find it i'll post it up.

    However, I believe that if you are growing inside, and the satellites detect the heat lamps giving excessive heat, then they can't get you without a search warrant which you CANNOT get from the satellite image. Just be careful in your growing.

    peace, love and happy tokin'
  7. DAMn!
    I stay in Florida and it has been dry for the longest. But people who grows dro in their house are also taxing their shit too! There is no drout on dro so I wish people will stop taxing. I should be nasty and tax my shit too!

  8. This is partially true except for the "they cannot get you without a warrant" statement ... i advise you to read the new patriot act. its only, oh 1000 pages long and it will tell you which of your rights, (now privileges) have been temporarily if not permanently suspended... When your adversary has the seat of the war machines, and holds the guns.... a piece of paper wont do you a lick of good... warrants... they dont need them any longer dont you see? satelites or not. your rights have been stripped, searches are now allowed without warrants... and they already stated that they reserve the right to and will and have been policing the internet for suspicious activity and will act upon thier findings (google by the way being the first to volunteer for record submission)... so, were all screwed basically, all of us posting pictures of our plants...openly admitting to an activity we have all accept as and call illegal... (and so it is) on this site almost everyday, with every click your IP being recorded and studied....it goes on and on....the point is, that this warrant thing is a nice thought.... but it doesnt work that way any longer.. not conspiritorial....just fact.

    so just be careful...i dont like hearing about good people like yourselves getting wisked away to prison for growing a FUCKING PLANT.

    im going to go now, im getting excited and i cant think let alone try and type what it is im thinking.....right...
  9. Satillites can see the heat from you lights....hmmm,
    dont you think picking out one house out of millions and then finding a single heat source amongst the others...such as your oven! house lights! hot water boiler! pc! not mentioning the other numerous heat sources in the home and then dfining that one heat source as a grow lamp!! nah...

    stop watching the xfiles dood.
  10. damn guys-over here in dallas pounds have been running at 5 bills!!!!!!!but everyone is still feenin'.yeah ive seen those "dry" signs over here too.it better not get dry cuz ill move to mexico if it does!!

  11. whatever helps you sleep at night buddy ... I dont know how anyone mistook anything I said as being linked to detecting heat from lamps inside ones house... perhaps you should respond instead of reacting. there is a difference. one requires thinking.


  12. And dood, maybe you should see who im "reacting" too.

    :) peace
  13. SAy that they can detect heat lamps in your homes.There is a way that you can protect your homes from satt. invading your privicity.....Email me at UNkempttheory@aol.com and I will send you the shit.
  14. It doesnt matter who you were responding too, point is your post was negetive, aimed at someone who wasnt so at all. they suggested that satelites can and do pick up your heat lamps...(and like I said, as well as the time on your watch) ... and my last post still stands, I dont know how this got into a heat lamp discussion.... so my response was just that...a response. Im sorry if you misunderstood.

    And to the fellow who has a anti satelite patch... :) thanks for the offer, i will mail you soon. one method is taking copper wire, stripping it, and cutting into many pieces, throwing in into white paint, and painting your room(s) with this mix, making the chucks stick to the wall as you paint, this is like a chaff to their sensors....screws em up...

    take care,.
  15. A couple of people at work were telling me about those signs. Been sighted in KY crossing the OH River from Cincinnati and Ripley, OH. Thought it had something to do with the local elections. Nationwide, huh? Anyone have more details?
  16. First I have to say be careful w/ who you help out for your own good sweety!

    I believe "the eye in the sky" will bust the easiest target available which is the peaceful people sitting in their homes in the middle of the night enjoying their relaxation while the only thing they do that could affect another is buying all the good munchies at the store. It all comes down to the greedy ass government not getting their share of $$$$ from a biz that is thriving , or was.
    Why can't we sit in our homes and partake in a recreational activity that will cause no harm to anyone? Most tokers I know like the "down" and are not about to go out and commit crimes against citizens as some of the qualities of harder, processed not naturally grown drugs do.

    Most lazy assed-chupa-panty undercovercops go after chiba lovers because that is the easiest to bust since we are a laid back group just wanting to relax and NOT coming out of our homes heavy to protect huge profits & turf available from drugs not naturally consumed. That is why some providers who may be friendly suppliers drop that from the menu because it's too easy to get busted and not as profitable.

    As an endo/adnometriosis(womens' stuff) sufferer I do believe in the medicinal properties of weed, also helps depression and other MEDICINAL uses. WHAT'S THE HARM !
    They done messed around and made Mama mad!
    I don't have lotsa time to hang here so feel free to email me.
  17. ya there down here in GA to but some1 told me it was about shrooms and cow feelds next to the hight way
  18. Perhaps I should change my avatar... it seems it is the cause of me being mistaken for a female.

    ... what next.


    To explain myself in a clear and understandable way, as to what I know to be fact, and what I belive, one would require many hours of time, and so it would not be worth the effort to attempt such a feat (for both parties)... I belive this task has been taken on in a book already anyways.... tis called catcher in the rye...ever read it? (didnt they make you read this material in their competitive compulsory institutionalized indoctrination camps? it created a sense one cant explain, one of understanding, maybe...and so one automatically labels this a good read, but cant say why...) a bunch of rabble, meaningless (to most) really, as mine to many would be. so please understand that when someone assumes they understand where Im coming from, and go on to elaborate on how correct or incorect I was or am, all my prior knowledge gets flashed in front of me, and it becomes very difficult to respond in a clear and understandable manner, as most of the time I am responding to a response to something I said, which was distorted in ones mind to mean a completely different thing than what I was trying to portray in the first place, and so my response really would only be to humor and to keep emotional balance (i wouldnt want to piss anyone off now, would i?) in the person to whom Id be 'responding too' as I really cannot elaborate my ideas when someone assumes they understand the words that i speak or write... language is so....messed up.

    this is what they call... a brainfart. I am not responding to anyone directly, I just decided to start typing and see what happens...i did, and this was the result. it was my deep thought for the day, and I will be off now...

    take care everyone.

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