If you still live with your parents

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  1. How many of you still live with your parents, and are they okay with your marijuana habits?
    I live with mi madre, and she knows that I smoke because she used to smoke WITH me. now she's not thrilled that I do it, but as long as I keep my door closed...

    anyway, let's hear your guys' side of the story.
  2. That's kinda hypocritical of your mom, haha.

    I do it in my garage, just blow it out the window. My parents know I smoke but don't really like it. It's not too bad though. I am sneaking by okay.
  3. I live with both my parents.
    My mom's OK with it, and my dad's quite ignorant of anything going on that's not on the History Channel or FOX.

    <---- 666th post! :eek:
  4. at the moment no but i was a little bit ago.

    and both my parents are both stoners and completly chill and im grateful for them, i even got my parents to get a mmj card!

    luck of the draw i guess?
  5. If I stilled lived with my mom I wouldn't tell anyone.

    But when I did, she knew I smoked, didn't approve, but didn't get in my shit about it. My mom is probably the coolest person I know for sure.

    100% momma's boy.
  6. ^^ Same situation. Love you mom.
  7. I still live with my parents. i've been caught quite a few times due to bad luck mostly ha. my mom doesn't approve and i'm not really sure what my dad thinks, cause he's told me he was a stoner back in his day. all he's said is "dont do it in my house" so yeah....i go outside to smoke :D
  8. Live with both of em, plus a big sis.

    My mom knows, doesn't approve.

    Dad, i'm sured did it before, but he doesnt know that I do, and I'm sure he wouldn't approve.

    Sis.. idk, she wouldn't approve either..

    But at least I rarely smoke, thanks to the dryness of my area.
    If I could I'd do it everyday.
  9. kinda live with my parents, i come home for school breaks. parents don't know i smoke, there pretty oblivious actually. i came home not stoned one day and they thought i was.
  10. ^ kinda the same as that, but one time my dad came home drunkenly with a joint he'd bought. he insisted we smoke it as a family, so we did. my mom took one little hit and i smoked most of it. since then my mother has said she likes the taste and smell, and my dad said he misses the herb. my parents are ok with my habits, as long as i don't bring anything illegal into their home.

    the first time marijuana was discussed by my family, my dad said if i ever wanted to try it, to bring home some and he'd smoke it with me just so he knew i was safe. needless to say, i love my parents very much.

    edit- ninja'd TWICE! the arrow was intended to point to ryanmetal's post.

  11. lmfao. i read that to my mother and we both had a good laugh.
  12. That. Is. Epic. :D
    I know my dad's a pothead, I just don't mention it out of respect. I wish I could smoke with him though.
    Someday, maybe.
  13. I only live at home during the summer and my mom does not give a fuck if I smoke. The only thing she doesn't like me or my brother (when he's around) to do is smoke in the house and we respect her wishes.
  14. my fam all know i cheif blunts daily

    they say im gettin all skinny

    but im not im still fat its just im slimmin down n shit i guess

    either way

    but idont really know if my dukes still thinks i do it. after my bday she dont really pay attention to me. weird
  15. My dad knows and has smoked with me before i think he smokes more than me actually.

    my mom on the other hand is pretty ignorant about it but doesnt get mad at me for smoking.

    but when she does know im high she gives me a look that makes me want to crawl under a rock and die.

    but since i love my mom i dont do it when she is around out of respect of her feelings towards it :D
  16. I still live my parents, so damn expensive to be independant now. Parents dont know but im fairly sure my mom would be cool with it cause my uncle used to grow back in the 70s but my dad would most likely rip my head off..literally.
  17. i still live with my mom. When i first got caught she cried and honestly beleived herself to be a bad parent. Over the course of two years, being caught a few more times and me trying to explain what its really all about, shes come to terms with it. Shes on the "i dont approve but i can't control you" gig, which im okay with. She smells it on my clothes, and knows i smoke. Its still at a point where i kinda sneak around. Ill smoke glass in my basement since i can get rid of the smell, but jays and blunts are when im with friends or cruisin. Im smokin a bowl in my basement as we speak. Basically, she knows i smoke, doesn't approve, and because of it im discreet as possible. Anytime i do something wrong, she blames my weed smoking - so thats basically the only setback now
  18. i liev with my parents and they used to be 100% against weed, but have recently become MUCH more open too it. they still don't know i smoke, but i think i will be able to tell them pretty soon which makes me so happy :D
  19. I live with my mom and she doesn't approve but knows I'm an adult and can do what I want..
  20. i live with my mom. shes ok with it i guess, but i make sure i smoke when shes not home and i don't talk about it. its kind of dont ask dont tell.

    we have talked about it..but in round about code word ways.

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