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if you smoke and you dont get high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by pinkfloydfan911, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. i smoked about 10 times alot and i dint feel high, i mean i think i was high like 2 of the times. I stared at shit and laughed alot for like minutes but i kept insisting to a friend that i felt normal. Do you know when your high is it a question or no? Maybe i was expecting it to be a more powerful feeling. My second question is if you smoke and dont get high is the thc still in your system and can you still fail a drug piss test?
  2. Stop smoking schwag and get the dank bro!
  3. you are either not smoking enough or are not doing it right. Should take a hit and then take a second deep breath to get it into your lungs and hold for 3-5 seconds. If you are doing it right you will know. There is a chance you could fail but there is probably minimal THC in your sytem meaning you probably wouldn't, probably would be good in a few weeks.
  4. i last smoked 37 days ago the time i take i piss test will be 38 days i passed a home drug test ut the military one is much more sensitive.
  5. it usually takes 4-6 weeks for regular smokes to pass tests so I am sure you are good. Drink a lot of water
  6. It could be as simple as the quality of bud you're using, try a different strain.

    As for the sensation of being high, i'll try to describe how it feels for me as I smoke my usual 50/50 indica/sativa.

    Usually, anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes after smoking, I begin to feel my body relax, most noticeably in my arms and legs with a slight, almost tired feeling to my eyes. I don't experience any hallucinations or increase in anxiety. After a few more minutes, I feel like i'm on a roller coaster, and sometimes my head will sway a little reflecting this feeling. If I close my eyes, the feeling becomes more noticeable. I get an increase in appetite (commonly known as munchies), and there is a very vivid feeling of peace, like nothing is wrong with the world. I can get giggly, but it's equally likely that I will become contemplative and thoughtful. That said, when i'm buzzed it is much, much easier to make me laugh.

    I don't find myself staring at walls, but music can literally put me into a trance. The sounds become alive, not in a distorted reality kind of way, but they just sound much better. Overall, being "high" has a very noticeable effect, and i'd attribute your experience to poor quality bud as the most likely culprit.

    As for the pee tests, they're very sophisticated these days, and cannabis sticks in your system longer than most people realize. Even low THC level cannabis can trigger a positive result up to 30 days after you last smoked it. I hope that doesn't cause you any distress, but it is what it is.
  7. its been 37 days man and i smoked moderetely kinda heavy every other day for 2 weeks ut prior to that and after that i never smoked.
  8. Haha yeah thc regardless of effects still exist in your blood stream.

    I would say you have either not been smoking correctly or there's some o'dweeds like on chappelles show. Haha
  9. im just stressing about passing the drug test not concerned on my next high now i have a test in few hours it would make it 38 days since my last smoking session 5'8 170lbs like i said i smoked heavily for 2 weeks every other day before that i had never smoked. tell me the truth should i bet set or am i fucked?
  10. When you take that first voyage into cannabis smoking and you really get a good hit, you will know. First off, you start coughing your ass off. There is no question to this, you gotta cough to get off. Then you will start to feel the effects within the first 1-3 hits, and like 3 minutes in you will have an incredible rush, and then your high. It's really fun, trust us. Even if it's mids or schwag, if you haven't been high before, this will get you what you want. :smoke:

    Also, listen to the guy that said to take the second deep breath before you exhale to make sure all the smoke goes in, and just don't be afraid of the hot smoke. It will tickle your lungs and you will cough, it's totally worth it, and then you start to get used to it and not cough as much.

    Oh, but now I realized you're trying to get clean. Well good luck with that, sorry if you don't get to know what being high is like. :(
  11. 99.9% chance that you'll be fine. I've always heard 30 days to be the average time to completely get it out of your system, and you've gone almost 30% over that.

    If we were taking bets, i'd put it all on you peeing clean.
  12. im a bit at ease now guys. i passed the home one its 50ng/ml ut the one at meps is way more sensitive. hopefully ill pass and join the air force. hopefully 38 days is enough. if i fail ill be depressed, but ill prob then smoke weed for the rest of my life.
  13. Let us know what happen
  14. im scared shitless cant sleep over the though of failing after 38 days
  15. Stop stressing, you'll be fine. You went 38 days and aren't even positive if you got high then. You'll pass, all you should be worrying about now is if the military is really the way to go...
  16. then your not smoking right, or your smoking brickweed .

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