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If you smoke a bowl outside will the smell stay on you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TeamRED_46, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. My family knows that i smoke so i'm trying to be sneaky about it. While at the theater i got out to toke out of my pipe. It was a cold night. When i got back inside my brother said it smells like weed. Obviously he knew it was me. Also I've toked outside with my pipe then come back to watch t.v. I know if you smoke a joint the smell with stick to your hands. What if you smoke a pipe at night outside, will you still smell like weed? 

  2. Obviously....
    It sticks to your clothing and lingers on your breath.
  3. Yea it will
  4. You could stay upwind of the smoke and wear surgical gloves :D
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    I really don't see how it would, past smelling on your breath. As long as you blow the smoke out into the air, preferably even in the direction of the wind, it really shouldn't linger in theory.
  6. Typically my mom doesn't smell me when I smoke from my pipe outside at night. I stay out a few minutes to let myself air out, but she has a really good sense of smell so I think you're safe.
  7. You will smell but heres how to get rid of it. First this might be obvious but take the bag and the pipe out of your pocket and put them away certain strains of weed can stick up your whole house(I learned that the hard) and a freshly used pipe has a pretty pungent smell aswell. Second if you get outside put a sweatshirt on and take it off when you come inside. The smell traps in your clothes so just taking it off will go a long way. Lastly eat some stuff to make your breath not smell. You probly were planning on that anyways but either way good luck.
  8. Yeah I usually would bring an extra sweatshirt in my backpack if I had to go home after smoking in high school. Throw it on before you go home, maybe spray some body spray and chew some gum you'll be good
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  9. Smoke with the wind and you'll be fine. Weed smell really doesnt linger as compared to cigarettes. If you need something for your breath, chew some gum or eat a small chocolate. It's never failed me before.
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  10. Why does it matter if you smell a little?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. If you wanna be stealthy about it, make sure the wind is not blowing the smoke right back at you.
    Take off your shirt/hoodie when you walk in, put the pipe and weed into it. Also try airing out of a few minutes before you go back inside.
  12. Its not the smoke shes smelling its the bowl ive smokeda pipe outside numerous times and each time somebody called me out was because my pipe was on me at the time.
  13. Here's what I've experienced, and I only smoke outside. So I know a lot about this field of knowlege.

    My brother tells me I smell like weed when I come in right after smoking a bowl. It quickly goes away. I believe that he's smelling my breath and my hands when he smells "weed smell" after I come in. Your hands will smell a bit, and your breath will smell.

    Other than that you'll be ok. GRANTED, you don't stand upwind. You're probably gonna smell if the wind blows the smoke right back into you. And don't just breathe the smoke out, blow it away from your body. That way, you won't smell. Never been caught and never recieved a smell complaint.
  14. Yeah a large amount of the smell is from the bowl, throw it in a ziploc you should be good
  15. i've honestly never had anyone told me that i smelled like weed smoking out of a bowl outside. I think the bowl is probably what your brother smelled, but i could be wrong.
  16. Does a bear shit in the woods?
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  17. that's totally true. the pipe has a strong residue smell
  18. no I've put my pipe and weed back in the car before going back inside the theater but my bro still caught me.
  19. The only thing I could think would be your breath or ur hands because that's all that smells every day I do it before class, you should have washed ur hands before going back in and when u got their shoved a huge hand full of popcorn in ur mouth and BOOM smell gone cuz that's all I do and iv never got a smell complaint. Idk how else u could have smelled unless the wind blew it back at you or somthingI Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  20. Just learn how to wash your hands, brush your teeth, make it a habit.

    Women love it when men are neat and clean. Visa verse.

    Like motherfuckers that doesnt wash their hands after they go take a piss. They get their dirty ass balls dead skin and spash of their piss all over their sausage fingers, and then touch the door. Nasty ass fucks.

    End rant

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