If you sleep more is it ok to eat less?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by iewed, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I'm an average, sedentary person. I'm a bit skinny and so naturally I don't want to lose any weight. My question is that if you sleep for 12 hours and are awake for 10-12, is it ok to eat less than you normally would if you slept for 8 hours and were awake for 16 hours? I figure since you're resting your metabolism would slow down so your body doesn't require the same amount of energy.
  2. Sleeping for 12 hours is going to fuck up your hormone balance, and a load of other things if you stay on that schedule for a long enough time.

    Your body is still using nutrients and breaking food down when you sleep.

    My recommendation is to try to cut it to 8 hours a night and spread your meals out evenly instead of trying to cram in food the little time you're awake on a 12 hour sleep schedule
  3. You only burn 160 more calories awake than sleeping if I recall correctly
  4. During the weekdays I get 8 hours, but sometimes on the weekends if I'm up real late the night before I end up sleeping for about 12.

  5. If it's just the weekend I wouldn't worry too much...though probably try to keep it to 10 and under then.

    If you're sedentary and aren't trying to preserve heaps of muscle...I wouldn't worry too much lol.
  6. sleeping for 12 hours is unhealthy for a load of reasons, but nutrition wise as long as you are hitting your macros you'll be fine
  7. Thinking about sleeping twelve hours makes me feel blah. How can you be sedentary for such a long period of time? It would make sense to eat less because you are losing one sixth of ya day.

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