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If you saw a giant pot field would you just take a few plants?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i enjoy weed, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. i was just thinking would you just take a few and put in your bag and run or something, sorry if this is stupid im stoned lol
  2. yes... yes i would.
  3. Hell yeah I would...I sometimes dream of this... lol
  4. id sit there and smoke till i die
  5. Yea dude id jus get a bunch of friends and clear out the field
  6. i had a group of friends go out camping 5 or 6 years ago. they stumbled onto a huge pot farm and luckily were smart enough to know the risk of fucking with someone elses huge crop. when they later got back to their car there was an envelope stuffed with weed and a letter that said, "thanks for not fucking with my stuff, i had my scope on you the whole time".
    if you stumble upon a big careful
  7. No way man, anyone growing a literal field of weed will have some serious firepower securing it. I would not want to fuck with somebody running a giant grow op, a huge amount of free weed would be nice, but weed is not worth getting shot over.

  8. if youre for real that would be so amazing :smoke:
  9. Seriously... The giant weed field will be surrounded by giant guns. You don't wanna know what lengths someone would go too to protect their crop.

    Have you ever seen someone liquefied?
  10. Probably, but not a lot. Just trying to be honest.
  11. Man that's crazy Im not sure what I would do, I think I would probably try and take some free shit and hope for the best hahaha :smoke:
  12. if it didn't look sketchy , hell yeahh .
  13. Definitely not.

    Not even for the physical endangerment, honestly. For me, it would be out of respect for whomever is putting in that effort to grow it.
  14. Remember in "Without a Paddle" when they decided to take a little bit of weed and the rednecks saw them and they whipped out the choppers. Imagine that happening to you in real life.
  15. do you think you could knock on their door and be like can i have some weed maybe offer to pay or say something like i wont snitch on you if you give me some but then you might get shot/kidnapped or something
  16. I've actually be searching for a guerilla style grow operation in a nearby forest reservation. I see two Mexican's there a lot. They work for a small yard maintenance company; which is a good reason for them always having their tools. I seriously doubt that they like to frequent the area for going on walks. I see them there every couple of days and I have since been looking for any trails or any other signs of a grow. I know I am getting close, as the place isn't too big. I could be wrong, but I am quite certain they are up to something. I just hope I don't find them railing each other in the ass or something.
  17. Yes if it wasn't owned by no one...Finders keepers i'd just get a better gun.
  18. Well, I would be thankful upon "stumbling into a grow field" that I wasn't held up at gunpoint...but if there was no obvious security I would probably circle the field and have a stupid overwhelmed type face and then leave shaking my head at how crazy seeing that shit was..

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