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Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Hey all!! Just wondering if anyone has a Alliance NE hunter they would let me play. I know it sounds a little sketcy, but if u have the secret Q answer u ca get ur accnt back, even if i try something funny (which i wont). If u want i can give my accnt info also, i got 4 60s, warrior, shaman, rogue and mage. lemme know!@

  2. hah yeah right, no chance, homie.

    'sides, alliance blows.
  3. alliance does blow, but im so bored of horde!

  4. I play wow alliance but only because my brothers on alliance and he now lives in korea because hes in the army pretty much the only way to talk to him. What server do you play on? I play on Scarlet Crusade
  5. im on kel thuzad, but like i said ill give my accnt info also so = \

  6. If your guna give your account info sell it bro you could make some loot on that
  7. I dont wanna give my accnt away, i just want to play someones hunter for a bit, and if they dont feel comfortable just giving me their info, i can toss them my info, kind of as collateral.

  8. I have a friend with a level 56 hunter I'll let him know no promise that he'll do something like that though
  9. ah cool thnx!


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