if you owned a major greasy fast food franchise, what would you name it?

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  1. (art project, need some name help, ideas appriciated ;) )

    examples -

    Cheese Pit
    Tyrannosaurus Taco
    Sauce City
  2. Herpes on the go or HOGs
  3. Good Eatin'
  4. No-Gays-Allowed Chicken
  5. Big Fat Weiner
  6. Carpet Munchers

    Dine inside, we've got great carpet.
  7. edible cancer
  8. los polos hermanos :p
  9. The Greasy Burger
  10. If I had a donuts shop I would name it Donkey nuts our special would be two donuts holes fried together. 13 donkey nuts for a dollar.
  11. I would name it Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster. XD
  12. :laughing:

    and i have no fuckin clue.
  13. N****r Joe's Fried Chicken
  14. Already taken but this

  15. The major greasy fast food franchise
  16. Hungry hippo hamburgers haha no clue
  17. The ER table
  18. Something stupid like DuckButter Inc.

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