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    So I have a question for everyone. I want to open a headshop someday in the future. As most people know you have to carry some cheap glass because not everyone who comes in is looking for a mobius matrix or toro circ. So if you guys owned a headship what lower end brands would you carry. See I want to carry only name brand not no name China hello Kitty. I was thinking like Sour, dynamite, chameleon. What do you guys think?
  2. I actually just got hired at a local glass shop and I was thinking the exact same thing. What are some good low-mid range companies that we can get in touch with?
  3. I don't know much about glass but I've heard that Black Leaf are quite cheap.
  4. See I personally have thought of just contacting people on etsy. Their is some amazing glass on their and your helping individuals who need it. Also most have wholesale prices. Only problem is they can be unreliable and slow to get out big orders. I am also on the torch learning myself.
  5. My Lhs is a cool guy , if you ask for something he will be interested and ask questions so that he can order it ..........he's got good prices and i like to walk in head shops just to look ......

    Good pieces but none are name brand .......
    Good prices though
  6. If you are a badass i would try to find local artists who will do some wholesale work for you, just make a bunch of fairly basic glass. great way to support local community, has a local sale factor, support upcomming glass artists, get something better then china glass, and still be fairly cheap.
  7. Think of the low-end glass stuff as "Most Affordable", not just cheap.
  8. We'll I'm thinking of it as in cheap for you to buy wholesale 5-20 a pipe sell for 10-55. If I can ever own a shop though their will always be at least 5 high end pieces for every 2 low end.
  9. Carl knows what's up. Cheap and cheaply priced are two completely different things. Local artists are the way to go bc it's advertising for them, and profitable for you.
  10. krupt is a brand ive seen recently with pretty low pricing
  11. Anybody remember Strawberry Fields headshop in Enid, OKLA?
  12. Lol never heard of it why.
  13. Business decisions concerning what products to carry (i.e.: your sole source of revenue) shouldn't be decided so arbitrarily. You decide product based on the market. Wealthy area in which many 18-20somethings with disposable income are around? High-end glass, papers, wraps, etc. In a big city? Carry a broad spectrum from expensive to cheap. Large town/smaller city/middle of nowhere? Probably best to carry lots of acrylic, some affordable china glass, some overpriced china glass, and lots of spoons. Etc., etc.
  14. Hit up GlassBastard, I'm pretty sure he used to own a head shop and could give plenty of excellent advice on the subject!
  15. I used to work in a headshop, then it got shut down due to selling pot out the back of the store. "Does MaryJane still work in the back?"
  16. If I owned a headshop I would not stock low end glass. Instead I would contract with new and upcomming artists in your local area. I think that would be a better way to go personally - you can get the pieces cheaper - give them a place to get recognized and it still priced about on par with the cheap glass.
  17. Besides brands like SG, toro, mobius, and 2012BC i would probably want to carry:

    roor & roor tech
    Sheldon black
    phire & phire legacy
    black leaf
    apix design

    those are just some of the brands i could think of off the top of my head. Should serve you well
  18. ingenious lol
  19. Weed Star's a good, cheap brand. they're based in the UK and have some pretty cool shit. Weed-Star | Onlineshop

  20. No reason. It was just classic. Bought my first stone pipe, one hitter and bong there all at the right age of 16. That was 1978 though. Remember how freaked out my best bud and I were driving home with all this "illegal stuff" (in our minds anyway). Had that one hitter until about 10 years ago when I threw it out.

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