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  1. Hey people i am a lil paranoid about ordering seeds online because a liquar store was growing in there shop,and they ordered a bunch on lights and the place they ordered it from turned them in and they got busted with hella bud!
    So what do you guys think? If you order online dont you think the people would turn you in ecspecially if your ordering seeds,and with that weird bud they have that they say is 100% legal what is that stuff anyway?Does it even get you high?Are the stores that sell shit work for the authority to turn you in when you order stuff?

  2. http://www.weedsthatplease.com/tipstobuyingonline.htm

  3. I think that there is always a risk. Look at Tommy Chong, for example.

    I have bought online, but it was via eBay, sent cash (normally a bad idea, don't do this), and I had them send it to an abandoned house that was a couple houses down from mine. I tracked it online, and when I saw it was out for delivery, I kept my eye out for the UPS truck.

    Remember, everything you do online, stays on there. There will always be a record somewhere.

    I wouldn't buy seeds online, in my opinion.

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