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Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. How fuckin' cute I look right now *lol* I wish I had a web cam, I just rolled out of bed at like 1:00 and came down here to hit you guys up and I just realized I look really cute. I haven't taken a shower in like three days and last night I went through a box of old shit because I have this compulsive habit of making my own cothes out of old ones Anyway, I found these old flannel plaid pajama pants and an old shiirt from like 6th grade and worked my majic j/k.

    I didn't do any thing to the shirt, but it's still really cute, It's blua and black camo but it's from 6th grade so it only goes down to like my belly button, andI cut the elastic off the waist of the pants because it was too tight, then I cut a slit down each side and tied a knot so they would stay up. They were too short so i cut them a little below the knees. Can you picture it, I look kinda like a tacky-ass pirate ;) Everthing is all jagged. Plus, since I cut off the elastic they are way too big and fall like halfway down my ass, So basicalyy I have graesy, unbrushed hair, a tiny ass camoshirt and some baggy raggety ass pirate pants that leavelike half my see-thru flower undies hangin' out, cute huh? ;)
  2. see thru undies?!....cool..anyway...hi. (stoned, just made big ass post..sorry if i dont say much ;)
  3. Yeah, they kind of give thepirate pants that extra little kick ;)
  4. you make it sound like your ready to go trick or treating.
  5. If I went door to door people would probably give me donations, could be good for the weed fund ;)
  6. haha..yeah..anything is good for the weed fun...speakin of which i need to go to the bank..soon... 0_o oh well..ive got a lil left :D...btw sounds like you had fun in hawaii too
  7. I had a pretty good time, but a quarter was definatly not enough. We didn't want to get more because we figured it would be hard to transport, but I think we could have each carried like an Ounce.

    p.s. at least you can go to the bank, I have like $2.50
  8. hhahahaha..yeah..well...i cant go to the bank now, theyre closed....shit...damn..fuck..piss...damn..oh well..ive still got a lil left :D
  9. hey are you a busty babe? soo stoned...!!!!!
  10. where in hell have you been girl!
    i'd love to see your girly-pirate outfit... arr me matey, beware my flowery undees, they have super powers! lol sounds like someone had a creative spurt today, you go girl for recycling your clothes like that.
    glad to see ya checkin in alive and well,hope the summer's treating you well
  11. If you came to my house i would give you bong hits for trick or treating. =)


  12. Tacky-ass pirate!!!!! I love it! A stoner through-and-through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. FORGIVE ME AHEAD OF TIME..PLLLEAAAAAASE...but..im glad you said tacky-ass pirate..with the hyphen thing..cuz then tacky ass pirate would have been bad...tacky ass-pirate..nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...i hate ass pirates...........grrrr

  14. I haven't been grounded in over a month, i've been making up for lost time ;) I think I should open a store to sell my designs, I could call it stoner owner's clothes *lol*

    p.s. there more like creative spasms ;)

  15. Hang on, i'll be over in a jiffy. All though it just wont be the same because i'm freshly showered.

  16. I hate ass pirates too, nobody likes to feel like there taking a shit in reverse ;)
  17. ok..well...stoned...and when im stoned, my imagination is very very vivid, and i just happened to read that, and you said shit in reverse..and im not even going to describe what went on in my mind, im just going to say it was far worse than any avatar nubbin could ever have 0_o i think i just need another hit to erase my short term memory
  18. sorry for being so descriptive, butt I think I got my point across ;) ouch!
  19. yes, you got your point across and then some!!!...dear dear dear god...this joint aint erasin the memory, i think im scarred for life!....reverse shitting....*cringe*...

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