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If you live with your parents still....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffnPass, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Potentcy, thats a sicc avatar; i have that poster up in my room, biggie chiefs wit me, then when i go to sleep he watch over me and protect :D
  2. #22 buuuurchhhh, Jan 2, 2011
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    There is a sort of ritual to smoking, just you, your green and your thoughts. Vaping to me is too complicated for my efforts, I have vaped over 20 times so it's not like I've never done it, but there's somethig special about smoking. And come on, taking a fatty milked pull off your bong is just way cooler.

  3. exactly why im getting one. in the meantime tho....
  4. A lot of people prefer the high you get from smoking. It's a very different high, and I guess most prefer the high you get from smoking.

    I have the Magic Flight Launch Box which I use most of the time, but only because it's more convenient. If I had the option of smoking I would.

  5. personally vapes are amazing and get me high as a mofo but i agree if there were no health differences in them i would rather smoke hands down :smoke:
  6. I still live with my rents. Heres how I do it. Go outside. Smoke a blunt or whatever. Come in the house and light a KUSH inscent. She knows I have them and it smells like bud so I can't get caught. Come on people. You don't have to be geniuses..
  7. Well, I live with my parents, so I obviously have aton of money to spend on a stupid vaporizer.
  8. Easier to hide, cheaper and feels more satisfying. I feel VERY pimp when i sit with my sploof, joint and the window open while my parents are sleeping.
  9. Like people said, just gotta go outside or somewhere sly. Its not that hard to hide, I chuff my spliffs outside, and sometimes with my mum, she just thinks its a regular roll up..but just a bit bigger :smoke:

  10. EXACTLY :) nothing beats a nice joint or bong...vapes dont do it for me..
  11. for those who like to smoke and can get away with it, go for it. for those who enjoy vaping more and having less risk, vape. its all preference. when im out and about, i like to smoke. when im at home (college dorm), vaping is how i do it, so much safer and i still get lifted. zephyr ion for life.
  12. I live with my parents, they don't care if I smoke, and I have a Vape in my room right now as I type this. You lose.
  13. I have a vape and I continue to smoke. Fuller high and I'm not going to get caught. I can outsmart anyone in this house.
  14. I was on my vape for about a year and i loved it! didnt even like smoking when i had a routine of vaporizing but one day the glass broke and i bought a bong, and now im stuck on it.. but vaporizers are really nice if you know how to use them
  15. I have discprine, you others rack da disiprine.

    I either smoke in the shower, when everyone is gone, or at a time and place where I know I won't be bothered
  16. Parents dont care I smoke :smoke:
  17. Had an iolite up until a couple months ago. Vaped a lot. Smoked a lot. Prefer smoking way more. I live with my parent when I'm on breaks (4-5 months out of the year). Never got caught smoking several bowls a day. Rearranged my closet so i have a nice little smoking alcove :D Don't even need a towel, sploof, or an open window (i do 2 out of 3 just to be safe but realized it was unnecessary.
  18. There are different ways to partake in absorbing THC. Smoking. Edibles. Vaping. Sprays/Oils.

    People tend to stick to their preferred way of intake, and also take into account that any decent vaporizer is going to be more expensive than a decent bong. And if you're living with your parents.... ??

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