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If you live with your parents still....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffnPass, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Why do you continue to smoke and not vape?? I hate to say it but you will get caught for sure unless you are very very disciplined. Why not get a mflb and light a candle? Why do so many people who need a stealthy way of toking still refuse to go the vape route?
  2. I believe vapes aren't that cheap.
  3. Vape sucks ass. It's not the same as smoking.
  4. i burn with my parents :D

  5. I can appreciate a nice volcano now and then, but I agree, the act of smoking in itself is something I love.
  6. I'd get mflb, it's just only $100
  7. Very, very disciplined - Smoke outside, at night, when parents are asleep.

    I did it from when I was 17 until I was 23...what the hell are you doing wrong?
  8. there's also the fact that they come in the mail...

    which their parents have access to...

    i think a package like that might be a little conspicuous, and only bad things can come of it if the parents in question come home one day to find a package from a vaporizer company

  9. Not only that but most of the people that I know that live with their parents don't exactly have $100 just lying around somewhere to spend...
  10. yes. i was going to get a vape until i tried it out over my dudes house. it sucked. its not the same as smoking and all though it got me fairly high i still don't like it. plus they too expensive.
  11. I have a lot of respect for you guys who are really good at not getting caught. I was always bad at that, idiots like me need vapes or were screwed haha.
  12. there are some shops dedicated to vaporizers; one near me is called "the vapor spot", they sell everything from the silver surfer, to the 'cano and beyond.

    also lots of head shops sell vapes, so no they don't only come in the mail.
  13. my paents always left me alone .. id toke in my room... have my window open with a window fan BLOWING OUT... when u axhale just slowly exhale into the an.. spray a TINY bit of air frhener and ur fucking PRO
  14. just dont care lol i just use a sploof
  15. I only live with my parents on college breaks. If I want to smoke, I go outside; usually around 11pm and about 5 degrees out. During the day I use my vape. Towel under the door, blow hits through a sploof stuffed with coffee beans and paper towels.
  16. i never had an issue, with mom right across the hall i still did bong rips all night long.
  17. ^id have to make popcorn all the time:p.ive vaped a few times and yes it doesnt smell like mj but it does still smell. Ive also found the high from vaping to be a bit weaker also.
  18. I'm the minority who love to vape rather than smoke for me living in my parents house. For me the paranoia of getting caught when smoking is so much more than vaping so the enjoyment factor goes down which is why I love the MFLB.

    If I lived by myself my whole setup would be a big ass 2 feet bong in the living room, MFLB in my restroom (for shit + toking break), and a Vapor Brother's Vaporizer on my desk in my room next to my computer. And of course all the most delicious dank to toke. :p

    That would be perfect.
  19. I smoke in my room all the time. I am on a bit of a break right now though. I've been smoking around 2 years now. Every day. They have never caught me. I will never get caught. I'm too sharp.
  20. Because vaping sucks and why should I change my habits based on my parents beliefs rather than my own?

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