If you live in Washington State and want cannabis legalized...

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  1. Than go put your ass on this list! Volunteer | Sensible Washington

    This will let Sensible Washington (the authors behind the initiative here to tax and regulate it) know that you're down for getting signatures. I believe they said they'll be having to print 10,000 petitions.

    This is going to be one hell of a battle I think, and the entire country and even world will be looking at us and California with eyes wide open. If there was ever an election to truly get involved in this would be it, and we could be the ones to start the domino effect to a more just tomorrow. The first thing we have to do is get those signatures, which I think we'll have no problem doing with how much passion is behind this. Once the election starts the prohibitionist side might have more money, but we have the truth and common sense on our side (not to mention better polling numbers, a King-5 poll showed 56% for legalization in WA, 36% against and 8% undecided).

    For us here in Washington, the fun starts on March 1st when signatures are officially allowed to be collected.
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    On the list.

    I have already started working on getting permission to collect signatures from businesses and at WSUV. Someone needs to hit UW and WSU Pullman as well. Those should be easy sources of signatures.

    From what I have seen on the WA legislature site, we will have till June 2 to get 240k signatures.
  3. Seriously, if someone is living in Olympia, get those petitions over to Evergreen. In my years there, I didnt meet ANYONE (students or teachers) who didnt either smoke or support legalization. That's a couple thousand signatures that could be gotten in a week.

    Pretty much anywhere in West Olympia is going to be a gold mine; Im gonna volunteer and hopefully get some work in around Capitol Hill/First hHill in Seattle.
  4. no worries bro im spreadin the word everyday lol and they already have my support for signatures

  5. I'm actually a student at Evergreen and that will be the first place I hit. How open some of the students and even teachers are with cannabis is pretty crazy (crazy awesome) so I agree that there's a ton of signatures we can get there alone.
  6. Just remember everyone needs to be registered to vote so be reminding people of that as well. I can just see the Govt doing everything to make sure this doesn't make the ballot so we need to dot every i and cross every t so they have nothing to stop it with.

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