If you live in SoCal like San Diego post here!

Discussion in 'General' started by DoubleBackwards, May 31, 2006.

  1. Just wondering how many people from SoCal are on this site. Just post where you live in SoCal.

  2. Some day I will... but not right now. :(
  3. Livin' in the supposed boondocks! Moreno Valley and Riverside, represent! ...or something.
  4. North Park here.:wave:
  5. Pasadena, LA
  6. I live in LA but am currently moving to the O.C. anybody need a smoking buddy hit me up
  7. Okay gentlemen. Is sativa available here in San Diego? It seems like everything I come across is indica and I really want to try out a sativa high. Am I out of luck or am I just looking in the wrong places?


  8. Shit like that fluctuates, I remeber last fall, all we had was kush types and sativa, then in the winter we had more indica, now we get more or less both.
  9. riverside heh, well i live in the coachella valley, palm springs area, it may be a gay city but its got some good chronic so i dont mind all the gay dudes
  10. Repping Highland Park, Los Angeles!! About 3 seconds away from Pasadena, 1 second away from Eagle Rock and 10 seconds away from East L.A.!

    Where all the Cali tokers at??

    Looking to network a bit with a few Cali stoners, down for a toke anytime just hit me up and well blaze it up!
  11. whad up johnnyblunt?
  12. ventura county representin :smoking:
    I'm stationed in yuma, az right now so it's like 2hrs away from san diego
  13. San Fernando Valley here(parents house). But i usually roam around La Cresenta
  14. i'm currently residing in Ventura County (805) :bongin:
  15. Just soz ppl know, im not interested in meeting GC'ers (well I AM but...) untill I have my own pad. Im too sketched out now.
  16. SD city here. 619! smokin' yummy hydro at the moment, =].

  17. where in Orange county? that'd be cool if i could meet up with another gc member.btw OC has the best nugs. :)
  18. San Diego here.
  19. san diego for me as well
  20. in san diego until the 24th

    I am goint to norfuck VA

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