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If you live in california read this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Aug 28, 2003.


    to sum it up theres this doctor out here under investagation for prescribing sick people marijuana. Some of the of the paitents want to testify on behalf of them but they need rides to the court house, it says on "If you're interested in transporting a friendly witness, please call Mikuriya's assistant, John Trapp, at 510-548-1188."

    If any of yall live in california and got some extra time you should consider helpin this doctor out, its for a good cause.
  2. yes he is an outstanding doctor, very responsible and has never had one complient against him. The only ones complainin is the federal government, they need to just mind their own buisness and stop trying to hurt sick and dying people.

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