if you like wiz/schoolboyq/absoul/kendrick/jetlife/juicyj come in

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  1. sup blades, so over a couple months i made this youtube playlist for my car and the gym. the music i added pretty much goes with my mood of how i felt over the past couple months. dont hate about the choices especially on the older vids. i just wanted to share. i dont put albums or whole mixtapes on this because i have alot of music on itunes. so enjoy :smoke::eek:
    car - YouTube
  2. I closed the page after I saw rack city
  3. lol i told you some of its old. good music is deeper.
  4. Looks like a pretty nice playlist. I usually just make mine on itunes/spotify though.

  5. yea i use vdownloader to download it all from youtube to my itunes. i have a iphone, its my life.

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